Full length 'True Blood' trailer revealed--War is Coming


True Blood 6


Following a teaser trailer released at the end of March, HBO has now released a full-length trailer for the upcoming sixth season of 'True Blood'--and it seems that chaos will reign over the season.

Every new season is highly anticipated by fans of any series, but 'True Blood's sixth season brings along a little added intrigue: it marks the first season without the series' creator Alan Ball ('Six Feet Under') True Bloodhelming production as showrunner. Brian Buckner (producer of 'Friends,' 'Joey' and 'The Class') has taken over as showrunner for 'True Blood.' As fans of 'The Walking Dead' are well aware, the shift of a showrunner can sometimes mean big changes to the tone and feel of any series. This full-length trailer is the first real look fans can get at 'True Blood' under Buckner's lead.

The sixth season of 'True Blood' is set to debut on HBO on June 16--a date that is rapidly approaching. Production on the sixth season was delayed due to series star Anna Paquin's pregnancy; she and her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer (who began dating Paquin at the start of 'True Blood') eventually had fraternal twins in September 2012, adding two more children to their family, bringing the total of children to four. Production on the season finally got underway early 2013; this trailer is the result of that hard work. Check it out:


Some of the questions swirling in the minds of fans leading in to this season: just what power does Lilith hold? What's next for Jessica and her spurned love for Jason? Will Andy be able to raise his children?

As the tagline in the trailer states, no one lives forever. All-out war is coming to 'True Blood' and you'd better believe there's going to be some caualties.

'True Blood' returns for a sixth season on June 16 on HBO.

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May 5th, 2013, 8:53 am

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