Howard Kurtz talks about Jason Collins mistake on 'Reliable Sources'


CNN's Howard Kurtz, the host of 'Reliable Sources', also writes for the website 'The Daily Beast'. It is in his role as a print journalist that he wrote about National Basketball Player Jason Collins and his coming out of the closet. In his article, Kurtz took aim at Collins for his "hiding" a prior engagement to a woman earlier in his life.

The problem with that is that Collins DID talk about it - fairly early on in his announcement, in fact.

Kurtz addressed the criticism he has received and apologized to Collins, saying that what he did was "sloppy and inexcusable." Had none of his editors read the 'Sports Illustrated' story?

"The mistake I made was sloppy and inexcusable," Kurtz said, saying that he read the article "too fast and carelessly missed" where Collins discussed that note. As the kids like to say, SMH - Shaking My Head.

"My first correction to that story was not as complete and full as it should have been," he explained. "I hope that this very candid response may earn back your trust over time, it is something I am committed to doing."

'The Daily Beast' let Kurtz go over the issue, with Kurtz saying it was an "amicable divorce."

Is there any real excuse for this? Did he deserve to be fired?

- Jason Collins (1)
- Howard Kurtz

Written by: Hamatosan
May 5th, 2013, 6:26 pm

Images courtesy of CNN

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