Neil Gaiman previews 'Doctor Who' episode

The Doctor's 'Crimson Horror' may be behind him, but a 'Nightmare in Silver' is yet to come. Quintessential villains The Cybermen make their return in the upcoming episode of "Doctor Who" and, perhaps even more enticing, so does Hugo award winning author and writer of "The Doctor's Wife" Neil Gaiman. The author spoke with the Radio Times to preview the upcoming episode and the guest stars involved.

Nightmare in Silver

The author reveals that, despite the nightmarish title and the daunting arrival of the Cybermen, the episode begins whimsically enough with The Doctor taking kids Artie and Angie to Hedgewick's World, "the biggest, best and most wonderful amusement park in the galaxy, a quarter of a million years in the future, because he has a golden ticket and it gets four people in for free, gets you free ice creams and it gets you to the front of any line, which is great because the lines for the Spacey Zoomer can go on for weeks," he said.

The trio's journey takes place a thousand years after the Cybermen's great war with mankind, in which the human's have been victorious. Gaiman continued, "Unfortunately, [the trip to the amusement park] also starts with them discovering that Hedgewick’s World has been closed for several years and there’s almost nobody on it now except for a small army troop on manoeuvres and a mad old showman named Mr Webley who landed his spaceship there after it closed and is now there with a Cyberman that plays chess."

The writer beams about the guest stars in his second episode of the series, such as "Being Human"'s Jason Watkins as Mr. Webley, "this wonderful, slightly alcoholic old showman touring the universe with a waxworks and a chess-playing Cyberman," he said. "Warwick Davis is his henchman, who is called Porridge. He’s affable, sweet and helps Webley and cannot wait to get off this planet."

He continued, "Tamzin Outhwaite is a captain named Alice Ferren who’s in charge of the platoon doing troop exercises [at the park] and as we discover... it’s actually a punishment platoon. They’re all people who’ve got into trouble. She was sent there for disobeying orders. They’re not the kind of crack troop you’d want if it so happened that a Cyberman moves in – a new model Cyberman that we haven’t seen, who is absolutely lethal and hyper-intelligent."

It sounds like The Cybermen are getting the upgrade treatment which the Daleks received some time back. Will you be tuning in for the new episode?

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May 6th, 2013, 1:16 am

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