'Survivor' contestant talks elimination, failed alliances

The second ousted member of Malcolm Freberg's 'Three Amigos' alliance was at one point seemingly in a position to seize control of the game. However, the tide of "Survivor" turned on the trio and with the 'Favorites' alliance picking their detractors off one by one, it was only a matter of time before Freberg, Eddie Fox and Reynold Toepfer would find themselves on the outside looking in. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Reynold about his recent elimination and the moves he wishes he had made.


As the episode opened, Reynold boasted that with his unfavorable position in the game, he would have to make a famed Elimination Challenge winning streak. "That was a joke, and I started laughing with everybody after that. However, I do think some of them thought that I was at minimum a huge challenge threat. At that point, I did anything that I could to mess with people's heads because I knew it would literally take personal immunity to the final three for me to get there," Reynold said.

Indeed, unlike the frequent blindside votes that catch competitors off guard, including Andrea in that same episode, Reynold admits that he was fully aware that he was on his way to a seat on the jury. "I knew I was toast; they were going to capitalize on me losing personal immunity," Reynold explained. "However, by this point in the game I honestly felt I would have been as happy with Eddie winning as I would for myself, so I felt some victory in falling on the sword before him. I really feel that one more vote was all that one of us needed to be reintroduced into the strategy of the remaining majority players."

Ultimately, the contestant felt the game was an uphill battle almost from day one, with viewers given the impression that he was part of an exclusive alliance on the 'Fans' tribe. Reynold said, "I regret the perception of the 'cool kids alliance' from my fellow fan tribe, and the impression that was portrayed on TV. I really in no way felt exclusive to anyone, and I was always the champion for fans vs. favorites."

He continued, revealing that his alliance with Malcolm was far from his original intent. "I truly wanted a strong, united fan tribe that would have the majority in a merge and thus give us all a chance at actually winning. I regret that my efforts to unite us did not come off as genuine; they really were," he said.

Honestly, I felt that Reynold played the hand he was dealt quite well, always seemingly aware of his shortcomings while other contestants felt they were bulletproof. What flaws did you see in Reynold's "Survivor" play?

- Jeff Probst
- Survivor

Written by: kyleiam
May 6th, 2013, 2:49 am

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