'Amazing Race' winners discuss their victory

(If you have not seen last night's two-hour The Amazing Race season finale and intend to do so, STOP READING THIS! This article contains quotes from the winning team.)



Last night was an amazing night for Anthony and Bates Battaglia, as they won the 22nd season of CBS' The Amazing Race. The hockey-loving bros won the last leg in dominant fashion, easily beating their competition and getting that cool $1 million prize, the reward for traveling through five continents and logging more than 30,000 miles.

The Raleigh, N.C., natives talked about their win in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and admitted that they never felt that they had it in the bag.

"It always felt like [the other teams] were right on our heels. We were so scared [another team] was going to catch up. It didn't feel like we were ahead of everybody," Anthony said.

"Early on, as soon as we started, I thought, "Man, we have a good chance at winning this thing." Then it was a lot tougher than it looked. About halfway through, we were like, this is pretty tough," added Bates.

A trip to the dentist is priority one for the brothers, as Bates said that, "I'm going to try to buy Anthony some new teeth," when asked what he was going to do with the winnings.

"But man, I'm so cute in those teeth. No complaints so far," Anthony said. "Those teeth made it all the way around the world. I got new ones, a new flipper, and I look even more amazing than usual."

While the brothers had a blast, not everything was easy - especially when trying to prepare. 

"The unpredictability of the show," said Anthony when asked about hardest thing on the show. "You don't know what's coming up next. As hockey players, you know what's coming up -- there are set practices, meals and everything. But [on the race], you never knew what was coming up next.

- The Amazing Race

Written by: Hamatosan
May 6th, 2013, 5:58 pm

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