Mark Duplass to star in 'Togetherness' on HBO


Mark Duplass


Mark Duplass is a man who wears many hats.

Not only is the actor already starring in 'The League' and recurring on 'The Mindy Project,' but Duplass is a filmmaker along with his brother Jay. The siblings have produced over a dozen feature films including 'Baghead' and 'Safety Not Guarunteed' and also have several feature directing credits to their name. When it was announced that the Duplass brothers were working on an upcoming HBO pilot called 'Togetherness' it seemed as though both siblings were to remain behind the camera; that's all changed, as now Mark Duplass has taken the final lead role in the pilot, joining Amanda Peet, Melanie Lynskey and Steve Zissis.

The Duplass style is one about human emotion and scenes driven by character desires rather than Mark and Jaytwists in the plot. The pair have proven a deft touch and a deep understanding of human nature; if they keep the humorous buoyancy alive and well in 'Togetherness' they could prove an ideal fit for HBO. The pilot for 'Togetherness' comes with the following logline: "Two couples living under the same roof struggle to keep their relationships alive while pursuing their individual dreams."

The foursome consists of Tina Morris (Peet) who relocates from Houston to Los Angeles and moves in with her sister Michelle Pierson (Lynskey) and her husband Brett (Duplass). Also moving in with the Piersons is Brett’s friend Alex (Zissis), a struggling, over-the-hill actor. The health food obsessive Brett is successful in business, and on the surface, his peculiar brand of enthusiasm has gotten him a picture-perfect life: a sweet wife, a solid job, two healthy kids. But under that surface, Brett has some problems in both his personal and professional lives.

With Steve Zissis also assisting with story on the project, now both male leads on 'Togetherness' are also creating the show behind the scenes, as well. The Duplass brothers seem to do their best work when they are entirely in control, so this could be a good sign for 'Togetherness.'



- Mark Duplass
- Jay Duplass
- Steve Zissis
- Amanda Peet

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May 7th, 2013, 7:33 am

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