BBC names new editorial director


The British Broadcasting Corporation has announced its new editorial director and they are aiming high, hoping to come own with a gold-medal hire.

Roger Mosey, who served as the organization's director for the London 2012 Olympics, has landed the choice role, which answers directly to BBC Director General Tony Hall. He is moving over to the new role from his most recent assignment, which was the acting director of BBC Vision.

In this role, Mosey will be Hall's editor-in-chief and will oversee the standards of the BBC's editorial efforts, as well as the planning of significant pan-BBC events. When a major editorial issue comes up, Mosey will be in charge of handling it, along with divisional directors in television, radio and the news division.

This role is being newly-created and was announced by Hall when he took over in April. Mosey will begin immediately.

"It is crucial that the BBC dedicates the right amount of time, skill and expertise to addressing the myriad of editorial challenges that we face across the BBC’s output. Roger’s experience in News, Sport and most recently Television make him ideally placed to fulfill such an important role as part of my management team," Hall said.

The Newsnight and Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandals led to the creation of this position.

- BBC one

Written by: Hamatosan
May 7th, 2013, 11:31 am

Images courtesy of BBC One


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