Time Warner CEO talks about Jeff Zucker's CNN tenure


Last November, Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner chairman and chief executive officer, hired Jeff Zucker to try and fix the sinking CNN channel. So now, a few months into Zucker's tenure, how does Bewkes think his employee is doing? 

"He's working out great," said Bewkes. "Watch CNN and you see a lot more bounce in its step these days."

He added that he sees CNN as being in a "very valuable position globally and in the U.S. (it) is a leading news source."

Bewkes added that new programs were helping revive the brand, as are other on-air hires.

"I think the new anchors we brought in, these are an indication of the increased breadth and pacing that we are going to add," he said.

He also said that he realizes that the early hours on CNN need some work, but he has high hopes for the upcoming New Day program with Chris Cuomo, Michael Pereira and Kate Bolduan.

"We are on course to do better," he added.

Bewkes also talked about cable news juggernaut Fox News.

"The reason why ratings are smaller than Fox, people tune in for a much shorter time," he said. "We want to reinvigorate CNN so it is not only the place to go for breaking news, but so that people want to check in every day to see what CNN has to say -- and not just for breaking news and politics."


- Jeff Zucker

Written by: Hamatosan
May 7th, 2013, 11:43 am

Images courtesy of CNN

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