Piers Morgan signs deal with Starz


Piers Morgan has landed a nice side gig to compliment his CNN talk show.

Morgan has signed a deal with Starz that will see Morgan serving as an executive producer to a new period drama that focuses on the world of tabloid journalism - a world Morgan (a former tabloid editor at News of the World, The Daily Mirror and The Sun) knows very well.

The series is called Fleet Street and set in 1970s England. It will focus on the rise of the media format, through the eyes of an American journalist working abroad.

“Imagine an industry where every single opponent worked in the same street, competing with each other by day -- drinking, brawling, fornicating, night clubbing and cocaine-snorting with each other by night," Morgan said. "A street full of the most ruthless and amoral people in the world existed, and it was called Fleet Street. In the early '70s, it became the breeding ground for modern popular journalism, as foreign media tycoons stomped over the British establishment to re-define 'news,' suddenly exposing the rich, powerful and famous in spectacular front-page scoops. It was the dawn of the celebrity era, in all its gruesome detail -- a revolution that changed pop culture, and the relationship between the press and politicians, royals and stars. Fleet Street in the '70s was a hotbed of scoops, shagging, flairs and devastating world that was also unbelievably exciting. Danny Brocklehurst has brought Fleet Street to life in a way that I believe will grip audiences.”

"When Piers told me about his unbelievable experiences in the competitive world of newspapers on Fleet Street and about the characters that influenced him, I couldn't imagine a better or more compelling series. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, love and scoops --Fleet Street will have them all. We couldn't be happier to be in business with Starz, Virgin Produced, Lionsgate and Danny,” John Ferriter, a managing director on the project, added.

- Piers Morgan
- starz

Written by: Hamatosan
May 8th, 2013, 1:40 pm

Images courtesy of Starz

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