'Rock Center with Brian Williams' cancelled by NBC


Rock Center


The heads continue to roll at NBC this morning, with 'Rock Center with Brian Williams' the latest to march to the guillotine.

After two seasons and several different time slots, NBC decided to cut their losses on 'Rock Center with Brian Williams.' The newsmagazine broadcast is hosted by Williams, anchor of the 'NBC Nightly News,' and yet the series consistently underperformed in the ratings. No official word was given as to when the final broadcast of 'Rock Center with Brian Williams' will air.

'Rock Center with Brian Williams' debuted on October 31, 2011. It had a rocky ride both in terms of Brian Williamsratings and time slots almost from the beginning. Far from simply a newsman, Williams has slowly become an overall television personality, appearing on eighteen episodes of 'The Late Show with David Letterman' as well as another eighteen episodes of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.' Despite being known as a serious journalist, Williams' name has recently been rumored as one potential replacement for Alex Trebek on the hit gameshow 'Jeopardy!' whenever the day comes that Trebek elects to step aside.

Williams' sterling reputation was enough to save the season after its first season, however it seems that two seasons proved enough of an experiment for NBC executives. Back in February, 'Rock Center with Brian Williams' was moved to yet another new timeslot, prompting Williams to make a crack about the show's "latest resting place" on the air--it's possible that some frustration with how the series was mishandled was showing through Williams' professional demeanor.




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May 12th, 2013, 7:29 am

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