Aereo heading to Atlanta


Aereo, the service that allows viewers to access local television online, is hitting Atlanta next month (June 17 to be exact).

Slowly the company is sweeping America. It has already launched in New York City and will launch in Boston tomorrow. These expansion plans are causing a lot of unrest with the broadcasts networks, who are not thrilled with the threat that the service creates to their established business models.

The networks say that Aereo will cause them (potentially) billions of dollars in retransmission fees. Fox has reportedly considered becoming a pay channel based on what Aereo could mean to its business model.

While Aereo is expanding its reach, the company has not revealed how many people have jumped on the bandwagon at this time. While nothing has officially been said, the gossip is that only a few thousand have signed up in New York for the service at this point. Without this information, it is hard to call the service a success or failure at this juncture.

What is known is that Aereo is changing its pricing structure.  It has unveiled a "new pricing plan (that) simplifies Aereo access." For $8 a month, viewers get 20 hours of Aereo's cloud-based antenna/DVR technology. For four dollars more ($12 per month), they get 60 hours of DVR storage.

With this move into Atlanta, viewers in 55 counties across Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina will have access to the product. That is more than 5 million potential consumers.


Written by: Hamatosan
May 14th, 2013, 7:25 am

Images courtesy of Aereo.

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