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Erik Reichenbach blasts 'Survivor'

ReichenbachErik Reichenbach was medically evacuated during the finale of Survivor: Caramoan, which aired last night. The 22-year-old was making his second appearance on Survivor, as he also appeared in the Micronesia season. Both seasons he finished fifth out of 20. 

And while it seems likely that he could come back for a third go around, right now he is not happy with the CBS program. Not over being medically evacuated, but over the fact that there was no proper explanation given as to what happened to him or why he was leaving the show.

At the reunion show, he also was not allowed to speak about it, so he had to just sit there and fume. To say that he was unhappy with that would be a huge understatement. 

In an interview given after the episode aired, he was asked about why he was not allowed to speak about his evacuation.

"Uh, no explanation was given and I remember Jeff Probst before when we were shooting the dress rehearsal, I only exchanged maybe two words with Jeff. He said “I haven’t talked to you. Where are you living now?” And that’s about it. There was no discussion of anything of any sort. And I know a lot of viewers are saying to me, “Hey, you got evacuated. What happened with that?” Everyone is confused. Nobody really knows what happened. I feel like my entire storyline was just kind of left unended. Nobody really understood what happened," Reichenbach said.

As for the evacuation itself, he is not exactly clear about what happened.

"I remember the events that happened but they’re all kind of fuzzy. We go to the medical center [at the Survivor crew’s base camp] and immediately there’s people all around putting IVs in my arms. They didn’t feed me right away which I was very angry about. Different producers starting come in to visit me. I didn’t recognize some of them. After about 10 hours, in the morning I woke up and was like “Whoa. What the hell happened last night? Did Sherri get voted off?” and they were like, no Brenda got voted off. And it confused me. And then I was like, oh, crap, Dawn just voted off Brenda," he added.

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Written by: Hamatosan
May 14th, 2013, 1:16 am


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Message Posted On May 14th, 2013, 4:08 am

Welcome to semi-scripted TV, Eric. Sucks but that's expected these days.

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