TVRage honors ‘The Office’ with top character moments

Can you believe “The Office” ends this week? For nine years, the NBC comedy has come into our homes and put smiles on our faces; brought tears to our eyes; made us laugh hysterically; and basically feel every emotion possible. Well, it’s time to honor the show and the cast. We’ve already recognized Michael Scott by showcasing his top tantrums, but now it’s time to focus on the entire cast. As hard as it is to choose, here are some of the top character moments throughout the entire series.

1. Jim Halpert

Actor: John Krasinski

Jim Halpert dressed up as Dwight on The Office

1. “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.” Jim dresses up as Dwight.

2. During Casino Night, Jim tells Pam he loves her.

3. Jim gives Ryan a new office - the closet to be exact.

2. Dwight Schrute

Actor: Rainn Wilson

Dwight and Angela on The Office

1. He officially becomes the Regional Manager.

2. Dwight rescues Jim from Roy by pepper-spraying Pam’s ex-fiance.

3. Dwight kills Angela’s cat by shoving it in the freezer.

3. Pam Halpert nee Beesly

Actress: Jenna Fischer

Pam and Michael on The Office

1. Pam opens up and tells Jim she called off her wedding for him.

2. She quits her secretary position and joins Michael’s paper company.

3. Pam flips out at Michael for dating her mother.

4. Angela Martin

Actress: Angela Kinsey

Angela on The Office

1. Angela installs a cat cam, and helps them with grooming by licking their fur.

2. Throws a tantrum and stomps on ornaments, after seeing Kelly kiss Dwight at the Christmas party.

3. After discovering Oscar is having an affair with her husband, Angela orders a hit on him.

5. Kevin Malone

Actor: Brian Baumgartner

Kevin on The Office

1. Kevin wears Kleenex boxes as shoes to Pam and Jim’s wedding.

2. Kevin brings a huge pot of chili to work and spills it all over the floor.

3. He tries to make Pam secrete milk by crying at her boobs.

6. Phyllis Vance

Actress: Phyllis Smith
Phyllis and Michael on The Office

1. Phyllis throws her back out dancing at Cafe Disco, and Dwight treats her like a horse.

2. Phyllis marries the love of her life, Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.

3. Karen and Phyllis get their hair and makeup done - in a BIG way.

7. Andy Bernard

Actor: Ed Helms

Andy in Sweeney Todd on The Office

1. Andy let’s his singing talent shine in the musical “Sweeney Todd.”

2. Andy goes over the top by gifting Erin with the “12 Days of Christmas” for Secret Santa.

3. Andy punches the wall when Jim and Pam hide his phone in the ceiling tiles.

8. Meredith Palmer

Actress: Kate Flannery

Meredith on The Office

1. After thinking she brings lice into the office, Meredith shaves her head.

2. Meredith takes Casual Friday seriously by wearing no bra or panties.

3. Dwight traps Meredith’s head and a bat in a garbage bag; she gets rabies.

9. Oscar Martinez

Actor: Oscar Nunez

Oscar and Robert on The Office

1. Oscar has an affair with Angela’s husband.

2. During the murder mystery game, Oscar tries really hard to say “plantation” in a southern accent.

3. Oscar’s China knowledge is defeated by the one and only Michael Scott.

10. Kelly Kapoor

Actress: Mindy Kaling

Kelly on The Office

1. Kelly hosts Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

2. Throughout the entire series, Kelly obsesses over Ryan and their relationship.

3. She lends her words of customer service wisdom to Oscar, Angela and Kevin.

11. Stanley Hudson

Actor: Leslie David Baker

Stanley on The Office

1. Three words: "Did I stutter?"

2. Stanley takes “Pretzel Day” very seriously.

3. He completes 26 push-ups so he can go home for the day.

12. Darryl Philbin

Actor: Craig Robinson

Darryl's goodbye dance on The Office

1. Darryl packs up his desk and moves upstairs when Jo promotes him for his warehouse/sales idea.

2. Darryl says goodbye by dancing with the entire Dunder Mifflin crew to “Boogie Wonderland.”

3. He teaches Michael a handshake and a few phrases i.e. “Dinkin’ flicka!”

13. Toby Flenderson

Actor: Paul Lieberstein

Toby touches Pam's leg on The Office

1. Toby moves to Costa Rica and immediately gets into a zip line accident.

2. While Jim and Pam are dating, Toby awkwardly touches Pam’s leg in front of Jim.

3. Toby visits the Scranton Strangler, and the convict strangles him.

14. Erin Hannon

Actress: Ellie Kemper

Erin hides behind her hair on The Office

1. At lunch with Michael for Secretary’s Day, Erin finds out about Angela and Andy. She reacts by “hiding” behind her hair.

2. When Andy returns from his three month boat trip, Erin dumps him for Pete.

3. Erin talks dirty to strangers at happy hour to hide her relationship with Andy.

15. Ryan Howard

Actor: B.J. Novak

Ryan creates on The Office

1. Ryan gets promoted, starts working at Corporate and becomes Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s boss.

2. He gets into drugs; he gets arrested for fraud; and he has to do community service work.

3. Ryan creates Send me a WUPHF!

16. Creed Bratton

Actor: Creed Bratton

Creed dyes his hair on The Office

1. Creed dyes his hair using printer ink to convince everyone he’s young.

2. After failing to catch a crude watermark, Creed frames someone else and gets her fired.

3. Creed walks in late to the murder mystery game and thinks he’s a suspect in a real murder.

17. Michael Scott

Actor: Steve Carell

Michael Scott in Threat Level Midnight

1. Michael’s movie “Threat Level Midnight” finally comes to life.

2. He dresses up as Willy Wonka and creates the “golden ticket” discount program.

3. Shockingly, Michael quits Dunder Mifflin and forms the Michael Scott Paper Company.

What will forever be your favorite “Office” moment?

“The Office” series finale airs this Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. EST.


Message Posted On May 14th, 2013, 10:37 am
Love this show thanks to my daughter. So many funny moments. I love Cafe Disco.
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