'Person of Interest's' Michael Emerson talks renewal and partnering

Its official! Finch will be back for a third season on Person of Interest. Of course, that means Michael Emerson will be returning as well. The premise is simple: Finch has created a machine that can tell when someone’s number is up. It doesn’t matter if they are the good guy or the bad guy. What matters is that fate has decreed their finite amount of time to be at its end. Enlisting the help of John Reese, a former CIA operative who has shelled himself in silence, they set out to assist those who The Machine has deemed minor, but noticeable.

Michael Emerson

Emerson himself has done half the Shakespearean Cannon, with his favorite being, “All’s Well that Ends Well”.  He admits that training he received for the stage comes into play every day for his on-screen work also. Case in point, the character of Finch has a pronounced limp. Mr. Emerson states whenever he hears the word action, he automatically begins the uneven gait. 

When faced with the question of whether Mr. Finch would still be looking had he never found Mr. Reese his answer was without hesitation. Yes, he would still be looking for someone with Reese’s particular set of skills. If, by some chance, that was proving too difficult to locate; Finch himself would be out on the streets trying to do the job alone.

Emerson is the first to volunteer that he could not do what Finch does. Technology is not his forte. What we, as the audience can say, is that he certainly fakes it well. You can find the interview in it’s entirety here, courtesy of HuffPost Live.

Person of Interest resumes in the fall, Tuesdays on CBS at 10/9c.

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Written by: Erica_Bedow
May 15th, 2013, 7:20 am

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