Meghan McCain discusses her new Pivot series


Meghan McCain has emerged from her famous father's shadow to become a media personality herself. A very outspoken media personality at that, given all the little barbs and zingers she shoots out there.

Now McCain, the daughter of former Republican presidential nominee and current senator from Arizona John McCain, will be bringing her opinions to the new Pivot cable channel. Her program, 'Raising McCain', has been ordered for an initial 10 episodes where she will get the chance to talk about her passions (not just politics - something Pivot channels are pushing very hard).

"My generation doesn't need labels and boxes in the way earlier generations did," McCain said, talking about how her program would surprise some people. "It's OK to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

"Everything is being drawn from my own life," she added. "I'm struggling. I don't know if I want to get married or have kids. I don't know what to do when a guy sends a sexy text message. You want to be with the times, but I'm pretty conservative when it comes to things like that."

Recently she criticized the Republican Party, saying that, "It doesn't seem like its changing that much, to me; maybe not fast enough," in a radio interview. As the conversation turned to gay marriage, she added that her beliefs did not go with the party's traditional values, saying that, "I think we live in a time where it's not a big deal to come out of the closet anymore, at least in my world."

- Meghan McCain

Written by: Hamatosan
May 16th, 2013, 10:50 am

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