BBC announces new editors at 'Newsnight' and "Today"


The reshaping of the British Broadcasting Corporation continues as the company has named new editors of its flagship news series, radio program 'Today' and TV program 'Newsnight' (which has been harmed greatly by a scandal involving a former British politician).

'Guardian' deputy editor Ian Katz will be taking over 'Newsnight', which airs on BBC2, while 'Newnight's' deputy editor Jamie Angus will be overseeing the Radio 4 morning program.

Katz will be replacing Peter Rippon, who stepped down last year when the Jimmy Savile scandal exploded and disgraced the BBC. Katz had served at the 'Guardian' since 1990.

He will be stepping into a new 'Newsnight' mess, as the program recently accused charity Help for Heroes of misspending cash. The BBC has apologized for that already, after it was found that the coverage was "misleading" and "unfair" to the charity.

This follows its report that Lord McAlpine was involved with child sex abuse. That report was proven false and ended up costing the BBC £185,000 in damages payout.

Maybe the BBC should just scrap the series entirely.

Angus, who is also a senior commissioner for BBC Global News, will be replacing Ceri Thomas at 'Today'. Thomas recently was named as the new BBC head of news programs.

- Newsnight

Written by: Hamatosan
May 16th, 2013, 11:01 am

Images courtesy of BBC TWO

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