Chinese television showing too much anti-Japanese violence says regulator

TVChina has a television problem.

At least that's what the country's state TV regulator thinks. He has demanded that programs that are inflammatory and inaccurate depictions of China's World War II battles with Japan halt immediately.

These historical dramas do well in the ratings in China. Often times these programs depict Chinese warriors bravely standing up against Japanese fighters, while overcoming ridiculous odds.

See for yourself (WARNING: a bit graphic).

If you did not watch that video, it shows a Chinese solider ripping a Japanese one in half, with his bare hands. They had better hope Kenta Kobashi does not hear about this.

A report done by Qianjiang Evening News says that nearly 1/3 of all the TV dramas/movies filmed at Hengdian World Studios last year were anti-Japanses period pieces. One extra said that he had been depicted as a Japanese solider more than 200 times in one year, sometimes "dying" on camera as many as eight times a day.

"The anti-Japan war is a great act of heroism performed by the Chinese people against the invaders, and is a valuable resource for film and television creativity," said Wang Weiping, deputy director of the TV management at the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. "Recently some of this creativity has shown a lack of seriousness, creating lots of nonsense, not respecting history and being overly entertaining which has had a bad effect on society which must be corrected."

No word yet on if Chinese TV powerhouse CCTV will respond to this or not.



Written by: Hamatosan
May 17th, 2013, 8:16 pm

Images courtesy of CCTV


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too many dead bodies on US TV
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