Candice Glover discusses 'American Idol'

CGAmerican Idol recently concluded its twelfth season and TV Rage viewers did not seem very happy with the results (given feedback to news bits posted about the season).

Candice Glover was pretty darn happy with the results, though, as the 23-year-old beat Kree Harrison in the final round to become our newest Idol. 

"I'm the poster child for perseverance and determination," Glover said, noting that it took her three different auditions to finally be selected for the series. The singer, a native of South Carolina, has attempted to stay humble during the process and her upcoming career as a major-label artist. She is dropping her first CD, "Music Speaks," later this summer and going on tour with the official Idol summer extravaganza. 

While Glover wanted the win, she thought the judges were going to go the other way.

"I was saying her name, because I was just certain he was going to say it, so I was like, 'Oh yeah, Kree, Kree, Kree,' and she was like, 'No, Candice, Candice, Candice,'" she said.

While competition is hard, Glover says that she and Kree will be friends for a long time.

"We tell each other we love each other probably 90,000 times a day," Glover said. "But it really meant a lot for her to hug me and say, 'I love you, and I'm so happy for you.' And I said the same to her. I'm so proud of her." 

- American Idol

Written by: Hamatosan
May 19th, 2013, 1:12 pm

Images courtesy of FOX

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