Season Three: Previously on ‘Arrested Development’…

 Bluth Family Season 3

Michael found out his fugitive father was hiding out in Reno.

George Sr. was put under house arrest.

Gob was reunited with his illegitimate son Steve Holt by Sons and Dads (S.A.D.).

Tobias was dying because his hair transplant was rejecting his body. This condition was known as Graft vs. Host disease. He eventually removed the plugs.

Michael Bluth Season 3

Michael almost married a mentally-disabled British woman named Rita.

George Sr., under house arrest, hired a “Surrogate.” This man wore a camera and earpiece and would act as George Sr.’s proxy when events took family members out of the apartment.

It was revealed that Gob and Michael starred in a serious of video tapes called ‘Boyfights.’ These movies were produced and distributed by their father George Bluth Sr..

George Sr. broke into prison to prevent his wife Lucille from sleeping with Warden Gentles and to save his marriage.

Buster overdosed on Roofies and ended up in a “light to no coma” which everyone, including his doctor, believed he was faking, he was. Buster did so to avoid testifying at his father’s/uncle’s trial. Buster “woke up” to proclaim his love for his nurse but she rejected him when she found out he was faking.

George Michael and Maeby

Maeby and George Michael accidently got married. George Michael informed Maeby that she might not be Tobias’ and Lindsay’s biological child but it turned out that she was. This information was confirmed by Tobias.

Michael became convinced he had an older sister named Nellie based on a birth certificate and old computer file. Nellie was actually a prostitute, but Michael, who was unaware of this, hired her to work at the Bluth Company as a financial consultant. He found out the truth when he showed up at her hotel room and found Gob. Michael’s brother was Nellie’s pimp, and he used the alias Frank which also happened to be the name of his ventriloquist’s dummy.

Maeby got fired from her job as a studio executive after George Michael sent her co-workers invitations to her 16th birthday party.

The Surrogate

Gob told Michael he was going to Iraq to perform with the USO. Michael and Buster traveled to Iraq to free their brother. Gob had been arrested for inciting an anti-American demonstration. Michael discovered Gob was instructed by their father to set fire to a house. The brothers discovered Saddam Hussein look-a-likes living in the home and a secret room which contained a bug planted by the CIA. The agency had George Sr. build houses as a cover.

A CIA agent threatened to kill Michael, Gob and Buster. Luckily, Buster had sent pics to the nurse he was in love with of their trip. All of the charges against George Sr. were dropped.

George Michael confessed his feelings about Maeby to his father.

Lindsay found out from Stan Sitwell that she was adopted. She also found out she was about to turn 40, news she considered much more distressing.

Tobias Hair Transplants

George Michael found out Gob was dating his ex-girlfriend Ann Veal.

The George Sr. and Lucille stole the banana stand idea from a Korean immigrant who Lucille had deported.

Michael and his son sailed off in Gob’s yacht to Cabo San Lucas.

Annyong, Lucille and George Sr.’s adopted Korean son, turned Lucille into the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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