Instant Gratification: 7th. Edn.

Welcome one and all to the seventh edition of Instant Gratification. The focus of this feature is to provide TV Ragers with all the latest updates on the newest TV shows added to the Netflix Instant Streaming service, the ones about to expire for good, and the occasional reminder about just how much great stuff is already there for you guys and gals to peruse. Now let's get started with all the notable additions since the last issue went to press.

 Lights Out

*Descriptions in quotes courtesy of the Netflix website.

Adam-12 Seasons 1-7 - "Produced by "Dragnet" star Jack Webb, this long-running drama drawn from real-life police cases tells the story of Pete Malloy (Martin Milner), a veteran cop who teaches rookie Jim Reed (Kent McCord) all about crime fighting in urban Los Angeles. As the gruff Malloy instructs the eager Reed, their partnership deepens into friendship, and the pair deals with departmental politics, personal issues and every type of criminal."

The Chicago Code Season 1 - "Fox's gritty cop drama follows newly appointed police superintendant Teresa Colvin and her former partner, veteran detective Jarek Wysocki, as they battle to rid Chicago of crime as well as the rampant corruption of powerful politico Ronin Gibbons."

Dragnet 1967 Seasons 1-4 - "Iconic director, producer and actor Jack Webb returned to the role of Sgt. Joe Friday in 1967 for the second television version of this influential police procedural, which sought to portray LAPD detectives as realistically as possible. Officer Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) teams up with Friday and helps him apprehend the juvenile delinquents, drug dealers, murderers and thieves who prey on the innocent in cases that were often based on true crimes."

Edgar & Ellen Season 1 - "Twins Edgar and Ellen have a penchant for making mischief in this Nicktoons animated series based on the books by Charles Ogden and illustrations by Rick Carton, which evoke playful comparisons to the creepiness of Edgar Allan Poe. In the show's first season, the trouble-loving 12-year-olds set booby traps in their parents' 13-story mansion; enroll their beloved pet -- named Pet -- in a dog show; and invent a robot that can't stop cleaning."

Eureka Seasons 4-0 & 4.5 - 4.0: "Befuddled small-town sheriff Jack Carter guards Eureka's population of eccentric supergeniuses and polices the mysterious Global Dynamics research facility. A former resident returns to town, and his attraction to Allison ignites Jack's jealousy." 4.5: "Back from the year 1947, Sheriff Jack Carter and the scientifically minded citizens of Eureka brace for the repercussions of a bold, new project. But the revelation of unexpected secrets could derail the town's plans."

Friends With Benefits Season 1 - "Ben knows everything he wants in a woman; his best friend, Sara, also has her vision of her perfect mate. As they wait to meet the partners of their dreams, Ben and Sara have each other to rely on -- and occasionally fall into bed with"

Leave It To Beaver Seasons 1-6 - "Harking back to an innocent era, this classic 1950s series depicts the daily lives of the suburban Cleaver family: father Ward, mother June, older son Wally and younger son Beaver, who has a knack for landing himself in trouble."

Lights Out Season 1- "FX's gritty drama follows Patrick "Lights" Leary, a retired boxer who's suffered too many punches to the head. As much as he'd like to stay out of the ring, Leary may have to don the gloves again to support his family after landing in serious debt."

Magnum, P.I. Seasons 1-8 - "Featuring lovely Hawaiian scenery, this long-running, 1980s series about Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck), a witty but tough private investigator working for mysterious and wealthy novelist Robin Masters, propelled Selleck into superstardom. Magnum, who is pursued by both thugs and lovely ladies, is aided by Higgins (John Hillerman), Masters's bookish estate manager, and his best friends, T. C. and Rick, as he solves crimes and helps the little guy."

McMillan & Wife Seasons 1-6 - "Stewart "Mac" McMillan (Rock Hudson), the San Francisco police department's new top brass, is a hands-on commissioner when need be, and thanks to his wife Sally's (Susan Saint James) keen eye for clues, Mac often bags the culprit in this Emmy-nominated crime drama. Quirky Sgt. Charles Enright (John Schuck) is Mac's right-hand man, while the McMillans' witty maid, Mildred (Nancy Walker), keeps house for the hip, high-profile couple."

Miami Vice Seasons 1-5 - "Although they don't always see eye to eye, Miami police detectives Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Rico Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) work incredibly well together, busting elusive drug lords, greedy weapons smugglers and other nefarious low lifes. Produced in the 1980s by renowned film director Michael Mann, this groundbreaking police series attracted large audiences with its stylish fashions, bright colors and music video feel."

Quincy, M.E. Seasons 3-8 - "Breaking new ground on television in the 1970s and '80s by tackling timely social issues of the day, this Emmy-nominated medical drama routinely placed intrepid Los Angeles coroner Dr. Quincy (Jack Klugman) in the midst of seemingly unsolvable cases. The show's roster of celebrity guest stars over the years grew to include -- among others -- Jamie Lee Curtis, Dabney Coleman, Kim Cattrall, Buddy Hackett, June Lockhart and Joan Van Ark."

Sigmund And The Sea Monsters Season 1 - "After his family kicks him out for not being scary enough, cute little Sigmund the Sea Monster is taken in by human brothers Johnny and Scott, who hide their new pal in their clubhouse and do their best to keep him a secret from the outside world."

Traffic Light Season 1 - "In this sitcom, buddies Ethan, Adam and Mike work to maintain their longtime friendship while navigating three very different lifestyles: Ethan's a carefree bachelor, Adam just moved in with his girlfriend, and Mike has a wife and kid."

Tons of new stuff to watch this week guys. Dig in.

The list of notable show expiring soon includes:

 Nothing Lost

NOTHING. A big fat zip. Which is of course a great thing for us streamers as we gained a ton of stuff and lost nothing.

And this edition's classic pick (a great show that has long been available to stream) is a multiple Emmy winning drama that just began its fifth season:

Mad Men cast

Mad Men Seasons 1-4 - This is an odd choice for me, as it's the only classic pick so far that I myself haven't watched and thus can't go into in depth like I usually do. That said, just about everybody I know who does watch it says it's amazingly good, and it's won the best drama series Emmy for several years now to boot. With the show recently starting its fifth season, what better time is there to use the power of Netflix Instant to start catching up on everything you might have missed. Maybe you'll be ready to start watching live before the end of the current season, or at least before the beginning of the next one. I'm even considering giving it a shot myself.

And that's it for this seventh edition of Instant Gratification. I hope you found it informative and at least fairly entertaining. See you next time.

P.S. Sorry if this edition seemed a big lighter than usual. I just got back from a trip to Miami for WrestleMania XXVIII this morning, and I'm still exhausted as I write this.


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That's always standS for IT IS.

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Didn't read them all, but Mad Men began ITS fifth season, NOT it's. It's ALWAYS stand for IT IS.