'24's David Fury signs Overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV


David Fury


Wunderkind producer David Fury has the Midas touch; he has worked on a non-stop spate of hit shows including 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' 'Angel,' 'LOST,' and '24.' Now, the magic man has signed a new Overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television--and he officially joins the writing team of the upcoming limited series '24: Live Another Day.'

This move is helping to get the band back together for the reignition of '24' on television. '24' showrunner Howard Gordon is also the man behind '24: Live Another Day' and he Gordon and Fury worked together on the original series. The details surrounding '24: Live Another Day' remain sketchy, but the bottom line is that '24' is returning with new episodes to television and fans are absolutely ecstatic.

Another aspect of the Overall deal includes Fury's work on 'Tyrant,' a high-profile project for FX. 20th TV chairman Dana Walden chimed in about Fury's new deal:

"We are huge fans of David at this studio and are thrilled to welcome him back. Howard Gordon has a shortlist of writers whom he relies on enormously, and David is one of them. He was hugely important to '24' over the course of its run and bringing him back for 'Live Another Day' was quite frankly a no-brainer."

Fury received an Emmy Award nomination for writing the 'LOST' episode entitled "Walkabout." All of his television services are now exclusive to 20th Century Fox TV for the duration of the Overall deal.


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YES.....Can't wait

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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