Exclusive: A Conversation with Kurt Fuller (Part 2 of 2)

Kurt or Woody?Continued from Part 1

Here's a question which, amusingly enough, my boss wanted me to ask you. How much of Woody is in you, if there is a little bit of Woody in you?

Kurt Fuller: Yes, there is! There is a lot of Woody in me. The deviant parts, I would say are not in me. In one episode, [Woody] stole jewelry from the dead. [That] is not part of me. I don't look at furry websites. That's not in me. I'm a big flirt, and I like to stir up trouble. I like to be part of things, and I like to have a lot of fun. I have a lot of life and energy. That stuff. I generally have a good nature, and I think that's the part of me that is also Woody.

TVRage: That's great. It's funny he wanted me to ask you that because my question was, "Generally, people either love the characters that you play, they hate them, or they love to hate them. You are always so memorable, and you tend to invoke such strong emotions. Do people often confuse you with your characters?"

Kurt Fuller: Oh, yes, they do. They do. When I'm playing somebody bad, I have people, "Why are you doing that? Why are you being an asshole? What are you doing?" Happens all the time. People ask and it's like, "I just say it. I don't write it. I'm just a hired hand. I didn't really do it. The apocalypse is not going to happen...not as far as I know."

(We end up back at the Woody conversation.)

Woody: Happier than a swine in poo!Kurt Fuller: There is definitely Woody in me.

TVRage: I think there is a little Woody in all of us who are fans of Woody. Obviously, there are some things that we're not going to do. The way that Woody is, [though,] I love that he doesn't hold back. He's just him[self].

Kurt Fuller: Nothing throws him off. He's undaunted. It doesn't matter what happens. "Hey, man, it's okay. Let's just keep going."

TVRage: Right. He's just rolling with it, and he adapts so well. I was laughing so hard at the Office Space one, when he tells them that he can't keep a secret. So, they tie him up. He looks happy as a clam!

Kurt Fuller: Well, I'm helping them with their case!

TVRage: He's thrilled.

Kurt Fuller: Yeah! Thrilled to help. I think Woody secretly wants to be a detective. I just think he just wants to be one of the guys. I think at home he poses in front of the mirror and pretends he has a gun and does a little of that, "You talking to me? You talking to me?" That's Woody's secret, I think. That he wants to be a crime solver.

TVRage: I think he'd make a wonderful crime solver. He was great in the Last Night Gus episode, where they were all in it together. He needs to be more on the team, and get him out of the morgue. I think he's been smelling a bit too much of that formaldehyde. Pull him out of there, air him out a bit. He really comes up with some fantastic ideas. The scene with the donut [sugar] all over his face! I still want to know what he was talking about when he asked about...what was it?  A small Columbian with a hook?

Woody: You didn't see a small Columbian with a hook for an arm, did you?Kurt Fuller: I know! With a hook for an arm.

TVRage: These are the kind of half-stories that I hear and I'm like, "I need to know more!"

Kurt Fuller: Woody's been everywhere. He's gotten into some trouble. Woody is not afraid to test the limits of what is legal.

TVRage: Isn't he banned in the Philippines?

Kurt Fuller: In the Philippines, yeah. He is not allowed in the Philippines. He's on a no-fly list. Yeah. He cannot go. Just about anyone can go to the Philippines, but not Woody! That's right!

TVRage: He does have some wonderfully childlike quirks that I love as well. I could almost empathize with him [at the retirement party] when Woody [was disappointed because he had been] waiting for the piñata to come out.

Kurt Fuller: Woody's in the morgue. He's around dead people. Whenever there is a chance that something might happen, that somebody might be having some fun, he wants in on it. He's down there talking to dead people.

(On a more serious note...)

Us & ThemKurt Fuller: I'll tell you there is something new that has happened in the last couple days. I did a pilot for Fox, that just got picked up for series. It is not going to interfere with Psych.

TVRage: That was my first question.

Kurt Fuller: it does not get in the way of Psych. It shoots at different times. I play Jason Ritter's father

TVRage: Oh, is this Family & Friends?

Kurt Fuller: It was Friends & Family. It is now called Us & Them. It's based on a BBC show, called Gavin & Stacey. Jane Kaczmarek is my wife, who is the mother from...

TVRage: Malcolm in the Middle! She's hilarious.

Kurt Fuller: She is hilarious. Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel are fantastic...Kerri Kenney and Michael Ian Black, who [were both] on Reno 911. I haven't seen [Us & Them] yet. I'm going to see it on Monday, but it got picked up! I have to keep working. I don't know what all the details are yet. Psych shoots off-season, so the two never meet.

TVRage: You get attached to a character on one show. On one level, of course, I would be pleased that you [were moving forward]. Then, there's this selfish part of me that would be like, "No more Woody?!?"

Kurt Fuller: That's the first thing I thought of, but I think it's going to work out.

Kurt Fuller on TwitterTVRage: That's great. I would love to put a link to your twitter, if you don't mind?

Kurt Fuller: Yeah.

TVRage: I really want to show people how great you are with the fans. Again, you're so down to earth and personable. I was kind of anxious about talking to you, and you've really made this such a wonderful experience for me.

Kurt Fuller: So did you! So did you, and I wish you the best of luck. I expect to meet you someday, when you're the head anchor for a network or something. You'll stick a microphone in my face, and say, "Come on, Kurt! Give us a real story!"

TVRage: This has been a wonderful interview. Is there anything else that you wanted to...

Kurt Fuller: No, I think that's it. I have heard some of the stories for the next season of Psych, and they're really funny. They're really good, and the musical is going to kick ass.

(We weren't quite done yet!)

TVRage: You are a scene stealer. You know that? Not just with Psych or Supernatural. Believe it or not, I even remember your interesting stint on Grey's Anatomy, as Jerry.

Kurt Fuller: Oh my God!!

TVRage: Do you remember that?

Kurt Fuller as Jerry on Grey's AnatomyKurt Fuller: Yes! Let me tell you something. Okay? Grey's of the writers on Grey's Anatomy is my best friend, Mark Wilding.  He is now the executive producer of Scandal. I don't know if you know that show. It's on after Grey's Anatomy.

TVRage: I haven't seen it, but I've heard good things about it.

Kurt Fuller: It's really good. I just did four of them. I just got killed on Scandal, by the way. Here he is. He goes, "Kurt I've written this story for you for Grey's Anatomy". This is a guy I play golf with all the time, and he gives me the story of a man with an impacted anus. Okay? Now, if you had a friend, someone you knew that you had to see, you had to hang out with, we play golf together, our families would get together...would you give him a story about a guy who hadn't gone to the bathroom in three days and couldn't stand up? Would you do that? 

TVRage: No! That's terrible!

Kurt Fuller: That's not a friend! I mean, what was he thinking? I still throw it in his face. He'll say, "Kurt did Grey's." I go, "Yeah, I had this guy who didn't poop for three days. It was a great story."

TVRage: Even in that role, you were so brilliant. You really lightened the mood on a normally very dramatic series.

Kurt Fuller: The one thing I did make up was when I had to stand up and go somewhere. So, when I stood up - I don't remember why  I just thought it was so funny. As I stood up, I went "Ohh, mama!" because I was so impacted. I don't know why, but that made me laugh.

TVRage: You're so memorable in these performances that I could probably pick a random one out of a hat and go "Oh, that's right!" In The (live-action) Tick, as Destroyo...

Kurt Fuller as Destroyo in The TickKurt Fuller: Oh god, that was great. Wasn't that great? That was a great show.

TVRage: I was so sad that they canceled it. I think people just didn't really get it, and I don't mean that in an intellectually superior way. I just think you kind of have to be weird to get The (live-action) Tick.

Kurt Fuller: Yeah, it's a strange thing to have a successful television show, because if it's too interesting...people don't really pay attention when they watch TV. It has to be good, but not so interesting that you really have to pay attention because people multitask. So, if a show demands your entire attention, it has a tough time making it. The Tick was like that. Warburton is a good friend of mine, and let me tell you something. That Tick suit he wore was not air conditioned. He couldn't sit down. He had to lean against the board all day. It didn't bend. It was a nightmare! Yeah. So, maybe he was relieved when it didn't go. I don't know.

(Kurt had to pick up one of his daughters.)

Thank you again! I have had such a wonderful time speaking with you.

Kurt Fuller:
Oh, you too.

TVRage: I'm really looking forward to listening to this again and writing it up. I'm probably going to have to stop it five or six times because I'm going to be laughing too hard to hear anything.

Kurt Fuller:
Well, if we didn't cover something or if there is something that you need to know just email me and I'll write you back.

TVRage: Okay, thank you so much!

Kurt Fuller: We did wander all over the place. You may have some questions left.

Kurt FullerTVRage: We did! We did kind of jump around.

Kurt Fuller
: But you know, that's good! It's good because you wanted to get to know me, and now you know me.

TVRage: Exactly.

Kurt Fuller:
And I know you too. I like you, and I really appreciate talking to you.

: Aww! Thank you.

Kurt Fuller:
Take care. Goodbye.


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What an excellent interview! Sounds like a very down to earth, funny...PERSON. Almost not like he's a celeb at all.