'American Idol' Candice vs. Kree debate ends in stabbing incident between fans

Idol finalists Candice and Kree

Have you ever gotten so worked up about a television show that you have stabbed someone? No? Me neither. However, for two American Idol fans in York, Pennsylvannia, a friendly debate over season finalists Candice and Kree turned into a heated argument, which ended in multiple stab wounds. Some people take their American Idol very seriously, apparently.

Karen Elaine Harrelson (48) and Gregory L. Stambaugh (57) were enjoying watching the final episode of Idol in Stambaugh’s basement in West Manchester Township on Wednesday, when they downed a few too many beers and got into an argument about who should win this season.

Allegedly, Harrelson had enough of Stambaugh’s opinion and took it upon herself to go and grab a kitchen knife to end the argument. The two individuals then proceeded to stab one another, with the knife exchanging hands at some point. Neither Harrelson nor Stambaugh claim to remember made the first stab. Copious amount of beer and shame will do that to a person.

Both individuals have been treated for their non-life-threatening stab wounds at York Hospital and have been charged with two counts of assault and one count of aggravated assault. Harrelson claims that she retrieved the knife from the kitchen to simply cut “a piece of cake”, whereas Stambaugh grabbed another knife to cut her wrist. Both individuals are still in jail, which frankly, I think is for the best.

Remember folks, it is just a TV show. 

- American Idol

Written by: harrisr
May 24th, 2013, 1:45 am

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