Jimmy Kimmel didn't buy a $1.9 million nude portrait of 'Golden Girls' star for Jeffrey Ross

Jimmy Kimmel always manages to stay in the news, even when it's for something he didn't actually do.

On Friday, comedian Jeffrey Ross (of Comedy Central's 'The Burn with Jeffrey Ross') tweeted a photo of himself holding a nude portrait of deceased Golden Girls star Bea Arthur -- one that looked very similar to the painting that head-scratchingly sold for $1.9 million earlier this month.

“Biggest surprise of my life. Thank you @JimmyKimmel – the most generous guy in the world!", Ross tweeted.

At first, Jimmy played along, replying, "@RealJeffreyRoss Bea is watching over us, but especially you.”

But then news outlets started reporting the fact that Kimmel had been the mystery bidder on the painting, and Kimmel had to speak up, if only to reassure people that he's not THAT excessive with his spending habits: "Contrary to 'news' reports, I didn't buy the Bea Arthur painting - not even for @realjeffreyross," he tweeted. "- but I did buy the Mona Lisa Lampanelli".

Ross had one final retaliation:"Dang you I was prepared to tell that lie for the rest of our lives. Anyway, I will always cherish this piece of crap."

The painting that was given to Ross, as it turns out, was a prop from an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (or is that just what Kimmel wants us to think?).


- Jimmy Kimmel Live
- Jimmy Kimmel
- Jeff Ross

Written by: mcpherson
May 24th, 2013, 10:19 pm

Image courtesy of @realjeffreyross

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