New York PBS station mocks reality TV with fake subway ads

Some funny ads with a bit of a kick have shown up all over subway stations in New York City this week, and they are targeting the laughable state of reality television. A local PBS station called Thirteen has distributed five different prints advertisements which poke fun at the inane, insane and demoralizing reality television show that viewers are draining their brains with every week.

With titles like “Knitting Wars” and “Bayou Eskimos” the ads are almost convincing enough that you actually could believe that these shows exist. That is exactly the point of them. The tagline that accompanies each ad reads, “The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV.”

Jeff Anderson, Executive Creative Director for the ad agency which created the campaign, CHI&Partners NY, completely backs PBS and their stance on reality television. “It’s pretty scary when you look out there and see what’s on television these days. If New Yorkers want an inspiring and educational option, they need to get behind a network that we sometimes take for granted.”

I know, and you know, that these ads are meant to jest at the pathetic extremes reality television has reached – but if you see The Dillionaire on TLC or MTV next year, don’t pretend you weren't warned.

Take a look at the ads for yourself below: 

 1. Bag Boys

Bag Boys

2. Knitting Wars

Knitting Wars

3. Bayou Eskimos

Bayou Eskimos 

4. The Dillionaire

The Dillionaire 

5. Married to a Mine

Married to a Mime 



Written by: harrisr
May 29th, 2013, 2:17 am

Images courtesy of PBS


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I wouldn't be too surprised if at some point one of those fake shows actually gets made.

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