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10 Fictional TV Psychics

Like Karen in “Mean Girls” said, “It’s like I have ESPN or something.” Unlike Amanda Seyfried’s character, these fictional TV psychics are much brighter and have made their mark on the tube as supersensory individuals. Some can communicate with the dead; others can predict future events; some honestly believe they possess paranormal powers; and some just pretend to be psychic for financial purposes. Let’s check out a few of TV’s top unearthly characters.

1. Allison DuBois, “Medium”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
She is probably the most obvious TV psychic; after all, Patricia Arquette’s role is based on real life medium, Allison DuBois (who is not only popular for the NBC show, but also for making a memorable appearance on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”). Arquette intrigued audiences as a wife and mother who worked for the Phoenix District Attorney’s office and helped them solve all kinds of murders with help from her superhero type abilities.

2. Shawn Spencer, “Psych”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
He isn’t technically psychic, but Shawn Spencer (James Roday) easily passes as one on USA Network’s hit series “Psych.” Shawn is so acute at observations that he has the Santa Barbara Police Department convinced he’s a real psychic. In between his fib, and his hilarious humor, Shawn’s amazing memory skills that produce “visions” have put many criminals behind bars.

3. Phoebe Halliwell, “Charmed”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
As a witch, and a “Charmed One,” it would be disappointing if one of the Halliwell sisters wasn’t psychic. That’s where Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) stepped up to the plate. Each sister had a gift, and Phoebe was graced with having premonitions. These visions helped Phoebe stop tragic events and vanquish all kinds of demons. Despite being a burden at times, she always managed to handle her powers successfully.

4. Jeremy Gilbert, “The Vampire Diaries”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
Steve McQueen’s grandson, Steven McQueen continues to make a name for himself as Jeremy Gilbert on the ever so popular show “The Vampire Diaries.” The young teen has been through quite the ups and downs, especially dying - on numerous occasions. With all that dying comes consequences. For example, after witch Bonnie (Kat Graham) brings Jeremy back to life at the end of Season 2, Jeremy inherits the ability to speak with ghosts.

5. Daphne Moon, “Frasier”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
In 1993, Jane Leeves made her debut as housekeeper/physical therapist Daphne Moon on NBC”s hit comedy “Frasier.” In between her unique stories about Manchester, England, she would receive random psychic visions. As she always told the Crane family, “I’m a bit psychic.” Like the Crane men, the show’s audience didn’t truly believe Daphne possessed “powers,” but it was fun to laugh at her so-called visions.

6. Johnny Smith, “The Dead Zone”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
Based on Stephen King’s novel, “The Dead Zone,” the USA Network drama starred Anthony Michael Hall as protagonist and psychic Johnny Smith. He wasn’t always psychic, but first started receiving visions after waking up from a six-year coma. His visions didn’t happen randomly, but were powered by the sense of touch. Fun fact: Christopher Walken played Hall’s part in the film adaptation.

7. Cordelia Chase, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
Charisma Carpenter is widely known for portraying psychic Cordelia Chase on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” At first, Cordelia was a selfish, shallow and vain individual, who was only out for herself, but that changed. She eventually redeemed herself, and thanks to her visions, which helped her aid those in harm’s way.

8. Patrick Jane, “The Mentalist”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is quite the character. On “The Mentalist,” he describes himself as a “mentalist” who, in the past, faked being a psychic and conned people out of their money. Now, Jane works for the California Bureau of Investigation solving crimes and creating schemes to catch culprits, like his archenemy, Red John. He says he’s not psychic, but sometimes it’s difficult not to dispute his claims. He’s just that good at solving crimes and knowing people’s thoughts.

9. Melinda Gordon, “Ghost Whisperer”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
Even though she ran an antique shop in Grandview, Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) made it her top priority to help those from beyond the grave. Ever since she was a little girl, she received visits from earthbound spirits with unfinished business. Melinda never turned away a spirit, and ensured each one could go into the light feeling somewhat satisfied. If that wasn’t enough, she could even get visions by touching objects.

10. Jake Bohm, “Touch”
10 Fictional TV Psychics
Jake Bohm’s (David Mazouz) a different type of psychic who could predict the future with numbers. On “Touch,” Jake didn’t let anyone touch him, and only communicated through numbers. He’d write down a sequence of digits, hand them to his father, Martin (Kiefer Sutherland), and attempt to unite those destined to be together. He was quite remarkable for a little boy.

Which TV psychic would you hire?


Message Posted On Jan 16th, 2014, 5:17 pm
All psychics are fictional as there's no such thing as being psychic.

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Message Posted On May 29th, 2013, 11:06 am

I would hire Allison DuBois, I thought she was fantastic, if she wasn't available it would have to be Melinda Gordon. I used to really enjoy both shows


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