Reality TV helicopter crash spurs lawsuit

Reality TV Helicopter crash site

The mother of Darren Rydstrom, the cameraman that was killed in a helicopter crash on February 10th while filming a reality show, has filed a lawsuit charging wrongful death and property damage. Rydstrom was killed, along with helicopter pilot David Gibbs and castmember Michael Donatelli, while filming a night scene for a military themed Discovery Channel reality series.

Jerie S. Rydstrom, Darren’s mother, has filed the suit against Van Nuys Helicopters and the company principals, David Child and Cherid Amin. The suit also named the show’s producers, J.D. Roth and Todd Nelson, as well as Crossbow Helicopters owner David Gibbs and Orbic Air owner David Child.

The suit make the claim that Gibbs was flying the Bell 206B helicopter under “visual flight rules” and was responsible for piloting safely and avoiding collision with the terrain. It goes on to say that the producers “breached their duty” by entrusting Gibbs and Crossbow Helicopters, saying that the “defendants negligently failed to ensure that David G. Gibbs was competent, qualified and sufficiently informed for the flight.”

Rydstrom says in the suit that her son “suffered devastating injuries” and “perished as a direct and proximate result of the injuries sustained in the collision and impact with the ground.” Pain and suffering, loss of support, funeral expenses, cost of the suit and more are included as a list of damages in the suit, which will ultimately be decided by the court.


Written by: harrisr
May 30th, 2013, 1:43 am

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