The American Idol Formula: Good Bye Top 10 Heartthrob

Another one bit the dust last night on American Idol, leaving DeAndre Brackensick packing to go home.  It was only a matter of time, of course, since he didn’t possess the level of talent or performance that several of the other stand outs do.

Although DeAndre claimed last night after the show that he saw his elimination coming, he wrote it off to the audience not appreciating R & B music as much as they should, not necessarily because his performance was inferior.  Despite the judges’ love for this contestant, mentor Jimmy Iovine hit the nail on the head, a statement I never thought I’d make, when he countered that DeAndre was by far the weakest of the boys.

I would like to offer one other thought on DeAndre’s departure.  It seems every season there is the one “boy toy” contestant, if you will, that makes it through to the final ten. This male contestant usually offers a different style than the rest of the contestants, for better or worse and even often looks uniquely different than the rest.  Another common factor with these chosen ones is that the female judge, be it Paula or J.Lo, always fawns over them. The final commonality between these boys, unfortunately for them, is that they never win.

May I present Exhibit A, the first in the series of these types and the one to make it the furthest, JustinFrom Justin to DeAndre ... Another Top 10 Heartthrob fails to take the AI title. Guarini.  Justin who, you ask? Exactly. Unless you’ve been a steadfast fan from the beginning, you, most likely, don’t even remember who poor Justin is. Sure, he put out a cd and starred in the often mocked beach flick “From Justin to Kelly,” but super stardom he did not achieve. Another R & B, sometimes falsetto singing heartthrob, he just couldn’t pull off the title, but he came close.

Flash forward to season 2 where we met Corey Clark.  Paula loved him, some would claim a bit too much but that’s another story, and the audience was told he was going to go far.  Luckily for America, the choice was taken out of their hands when Corey was disqualified for failure to disclose a police record, ala Jermaine Jones.

Season after season we see the contestants fall into the formula that seems to be the American Idol top 10. Whether it’s Constantine Maroulis or Ace Young, the unique heartthrob is just one of the components that make up this reality show that millions of viewers both love and hate.

So while DeAndre may not have been surprised by last night’s departure, it seems it was inevitable and most likely had nothing to do with America’s lack of appreciation for R&B music. Not to worry, DeAndre, you are young and have plenty of time to build a career. Just one bit of advice: Steer clear of any offers to star in “From DeAndre to J.Lo.”

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Written by: beachbound
Apr 6th, 2012, 8:58 am

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