Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters

Who doesn’t want to emulate the styles of their favorite TV characters? Whether a show is about fashion or not, actors and actresses get to bring their roles to life -not only through words and actions - but through their clothing. Here are 15 characters that have influenced style throughout the decades with their fashion forward attire.

1. Lisa Turtle
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
“Saved by the Bell’s” Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) was never one to skimp on fashion. She was the go-to girl for all things style-related. Sometimes she got a little out of hand with her outfits. Do you remember that time the Bayside gang held an auction to help Lisa pay off her credit cards? The lockers were filled with Lisa’s clothing and accessories.

2. Neal Caffrey
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
There’s nothing like a good looking man in a suit. For example, take Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) from “White Collar.” While working for the FBI, Neal’s really stepped up his game and attire. Let’s not forget to mention how well he pulls off a fedora. He’s one trendy thief.

3. Rachel Green
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) was expected to have at least a little fashion sense; after all, she did work in the fashion industry and alongside Ralph Lauren. Each week on “Friends,” fans could always count on her to pull off a new trend, even when she was pregnant with daughter, Emma.

4. Carrie Bradshaw
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Expensive taste and Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) went hand in hand on every episode of “Sex and the City.” Not only did she love colorful clothing, but she also had quite the obsession with designer shoes. Carrie never failed to window shop, stare at a pair of heels and utter, “Hello, Lover!”

5. Kurt Hummel
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Now, this is one male who knows his sense of style. From the beginning of “Glee,” Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) has never apologized for his eccentric outfits. From sequins to extravagant hats to bow ties, Kurt goes above and beyond to show off his trendiness.

6. Blair Waldorf
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
“Gossip Girl” wouldn’t have been the same without Blair Waldorf’s (Leighton Meester) vanity and her fabulous closet stocked with expensive goodies. She was definitely one to set trends, like with those headbands. Blair had a hair accessory for every single outfit, and she didn’t like anyone copying her style.

7. Betty Draper
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
The 1960s were a different time, especially for clothing, but “Mad Men” pulls it off flawlessly. Who wouldn’t want to wear the beautiful dresses that the women, like Betty Draper (January Jones), don in most episodes? At the same time, Betty can pull off the sleek, sexy and beautiful look.

8. Roger Sterling
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Now, let’s focus on one of the men of “Mad Men” aka Roger Sterling (John Slattery). He is one man who knows how to wear a three-piece suit. Roger always looks dapper and well put together. Of course, his drop dead gorgeousness and silver hair add to the apparel.

9. Alexis Colby
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
She was one woman you didn’t want to double-cross, but she was one woman you definitely wanted to take after in the fashion department. Not only did her passion shine through her schemes on “Dynasty,” but it also spoke through her over the top outfits. Have you seen her hats?

10. Hilary Banks
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Hilary Banks (Karyn Parsons) was daddy’s spoiled little rich girl who constantly tried to get her way, especially when it came to buying a new wardrobe. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” character’s style was on point and up to date. Even Hilary’s hair was always finely managed.

11. Tony DiNozzo
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
This “NCIS” agent is never afraid to tell you how much his suit cost, or where he bought his sleek shoes or why his sunglasses are the best. Tony DiNozzo loves high-end designers, and it shows. An expensive suit never puts the handsome agent in a bad mood, or stops him from catching criminals.

12. Denise Huxtable
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Some might say Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) dressed bizarrely on “The Cosby Show,” but for the 1980s her style spoke to others. For those in need of a new way to wear their hair, hat, sweaters and basically every piece required to make a statement, they could look to Denise.

13. Kelly Bundy
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
She could be described as a young woman who had a wild sense of style on "Married with Children." From leather to animal print to fishnets to big hair, Kelly Bundy’s (Christina Applegate) rebelliousness was definitely illustrated through her wardrobe.

14. Donna Martin
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
She might not have had the best style as Violet on “Saved by the Bell,” but Tori Spelling sure did as Donna Martin on “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Any girl that could pull of a hat with a huge sunflower is one to be recognized for her fashion forward style.

15. Olivia Pope
Fashion Forward: 15 Stylish TV Characters
Even a little “Scandal” can’t get in the way of this lady’s fashion. In between sleeping with the president and sweeping other people’s secrets under the rug, crisis manager Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is always dressed to a T, and owns some of the most beautiful outfits on television.

Whose style is your favorite?


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I wouldn't mind going on a date with DiNozzo... And you are right Olivia Pope is always dressed to the T's !!! Love Scandal :-D

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I was always so jealous of Rachel Green's clothing (and hair!) on Friends.