John Oliver discusses hosting 'The Daily Show' during Jon Stewart's absence


Jon Stewart is not the first host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, however, he is the one who made in an iconic piece of television that will be remembered fondly in the annals of television history for ages to come. I imagine that replacing him will be a bit harder than replacing Craig Kilborn was (remember him?).

John Oliver is going to see what life is like without Stewart when he pinch hits on the program later this summer. And while Oliver does not mind helping out here, he has no plans on one day becoming Stewart's permanent replacement.

The 36-year-old British comedian believes that his eight-week run as The Daily Show's host will be a success if he does not burn down the program.

“When he gets back, I’m just trying to make sure this building is not on fire both physically and metaphorically,” said Oliver recently. “That is the aim, just to keep the show on the air for a few months.”

Oliver also said he is not worried about the ratings dropping.

"The ratings are going to go down. Ice is cold, and the ratings of this show are going to go down in the summer. Add to that the fact that I’m here, so you’ll have your regular summer decline and that will become a more elemental nosedive. I just need to Sully myself -- you know, like Chesley Sullenberger -- I’ve got to at least land this show in the water. So I know the ratings are going to go down, I just have to make sure that they don’t collapse," he added.

He also said that, if he could have voted, his vote for president in the last election would have gone to Barack Obama.

"I would have voted for the President, but I would have been realistic about the expectations of that vote. If you’re asking me, would I have voted for Mitt Romney, the answer is absolutely not. Emphatically not. I cannot envision a world in which I would have voted for Mitt Romney unless I sustained a massive concussion," Oliver said.

Stewart is scheduled to return this September after the movie he is directing wraps.

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Written by: Hamatosan
May 31st, 2013, 2:04 pm

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