Mark your calendar! June TV premiere dates for scripted series


The Killing


They're back!

Some of the most highly anticipated series on television have summer premieres rapidly approaching. The sun is shining... and let's face it, it's too damned hot and sunscreen is expensive--so stay in and watch some great TV!

Kicking off the summer season on June 2 is the return of 'The Killing' on AMC. Much like 'Arrested Development' was saved from cancellation, 'The Killing' was DOA after the close of their second season, but has now found new life with a brand new story arc for Detective Linden. The first two seasons of 'The Killing,' based on a Danish series, eschewed traditional mystery storytelling; the entire two seasons follow one single case, the murder of a Seattle teen. While some fans were thrown off by the fact that the first season finale failed to reveal the killer, the uniqueness of the story and delivery created a cultish fanbase that has only grown since 'The Killing' was added to Netflix streaming. The third season has a difficult task ahead, topping the last two.

Also on June 2 is the return of everyone's favorite absurdist cartoon series, 'The Venture Bros.' After four seasons of mayhem and a particularly celebrated fourth season finale, 'The Venture Bros.' returns with its unique, inane madness on Adult Swim.

June 3 sees the series premiere of the ABC series 'Mistresses,' based on the UK series of same name. The new show follows four female friends and their involvement in various illicit affairs and personal intrigue. There will always be a market for this material and I fully expect 'Mistresses' to be a sleeper hit of the summer.

Jumping now to June 6 we see the return of 'Burn Notice.' This massively popular action dramedy enters its seventh and final season, with only thirteen episodes remaining. Make sure you catch this one, as the race to the grand finale of 'Burn Notice' begins.

On June 7 we have the return of the Canadian Syfy series 'Continuum.' Set in a future, high-surveillance police state in Canada, 'Continuum' is returning for a second season of time travel and various theories regarding the space-time continuum.

Sticking with science-fiction, TNT brings us a third season of 'Falling Skies' beginning June 9. This Dreamworks Television production is Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg and stars Noah Wyle.

'Royal Pains' returns for a fifth season on June 12, with a sixth season already ordered by USA. The series follows Hank Lawson, reluctant "doctor for hire" in the Hamptons, home to the rich and famous. This dramedy has been pulling in big numbers for USA Network.

Here's another huge one: June 16 marks the return of the highly anticipated HBO supernatural soap opera, 'True Blood.' So many questions remain unanswered in this series and the action-packed trailers preceding this premiere promise war, murder, violence, blood and a little sex thrown in for good measure.

The third season of TNT's 'Franklin & Bash' launches on June 19. The premiere episode will be a special two-hour length, picking up on the loose ends from the finale of season two.

The strange take-off of the Australian series, 'Wilfred' on FX comes back on June 20.

Saved from the dead yet again, 'Drop Dead Diva' returns to Lifetime on June 23.

June 24 brings us the series premiere of an eagerly awaited sci-fi horror thriller called 'Under the Dome' on CBS. Set in the not too distant future, 'Under the Dome' tells the story of the residents of the small town of Chester's Mill, Maine, who suddenly find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, impenetrable barrier that surrounds the town.

And finally, June 30 brings us the biggest one of all: the premiere of the final season of 'Dexter.' The Showtime thriller has had the pedal to the metal for a full season already--how is it going to end? Tune in on June 30 to see the beginning of the end for 'Dexter.'




- The Killing
- Dexter
- Under the Dome

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Jun 1st, 2013, 9:50 am


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Not illegal to DL and watch... Just illegal to sell or pass it on...


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Looking forward to Dexter, Suits, Under the Dome


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Sounds like victor has been doing some illegal downloading.

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It's only been airing in Canada, the date in this article is for the US airing of it on Syfy.


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I think the second season of Continuum debuted April 21, 2013. That's what it says on TVRage's Continuum page. Plus, I've already seen five Season 2 episodes.

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