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Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?

They were everybody’s favorite Italian family who couldn’t leave well enough alone, or each other. The Barone’s never disappointed their fans by discussing normal, everyday family antics and daily marriage issues. “Everybody Loves Raymond” is one comedy that is surely missed, so let’s take a step back in time and see where this crazy bunch is at today.

1. Actor: Ray Romano
Character: Ray Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
Comedian Ray Romano hasn’t been one to struggle, since his namesake comedy came to a close. With a distinct voice, Romano dove into animated films by voicing Manny, the woolly mammoth, in all four “Ice Age” movies. Regarding TV series, he starred once in “The Knights of Prosperity” and even made an appearance on “The Office,” interviewing for Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) management position. In 2009, he took a stab at drama and starred in TNT’s “Men of a Certain Age,” as Joe Tranelli, but the series only lasted two seasons. Romano fans most recently saw him play photographer Hank Rizzoli in NBC’s “Parenthood.” He was a love interest for Lauren Graham’s character, Sarah Braverman, and the drama’s fans weren’t too thrilled to see him mess up Sarah and Mark’s (Jason Ritter) meant to be romance. He is still married to his wife of 25 years; they have four children.

2. Actress: Patricia Heaton
Character: Debra Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
She definitely made her mark as housewife and mom Debra Barone, and she can also currently be seen as another TV mom, but we’ll get to that later. After the comedy ended, Heaton dabbled in several TV movies including “The Engagement Ring,” “The Path to 9/11” and “Front of the Class.” A few years after “Raymond,” Heaton went back to her comedy roots and starred alongside Kelsey Grammer in “Back to You,” where the two portrayed TV news anchors. The series was short lived, as it only lasted 17 episodes. In 2011, she was spotted on the web series, “Easy to Assemble,” as Mrs. Hullestaad. As mentioned above, Heaton is back to playing quirky housewife Frankie Heck with quirky family members in the ABC hit comedy “The Middle.” She is still married to husband, David Hunt, who played Bill Parker on “Raymond.” Like Romano, they also have four children - all boys.

3. Actress: Doris Roberts
Character: Marie Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
Doris Roberts made everyone hate - and love - her as overbearing mother Marie, but what is the talented actress up to these days? Well, she’s definitely starred in her fair share of movies, TV movies and TV shows. Some of her more recognizable roles include “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” “Hot in Cleveland” and even “Desperate Housewives.” She actually reunited with co-star Patricia Heaton in 2010 and 2011 for three episodes of “The Middle.” Roberts played Heaton’s nemesis and opinionated teacher, Ms. Rinsky, to Heaton’s TV son, Brick (Atticus Shaffer). She gave Heaton’s character all sorts of advice, including parenting tips. It was just like old times. Most recently, Roberts starred in Tyler Perry’s 2012 flick, “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

4. Actor: Peter Boyle
Character: Frank Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
His character loved to eat, loved to be catered to by his wife, Marie, and loved to watch TV. Peter Boyle truly made his mark as Frank Barone. After “Raymond” ended in 2005, Boyle died on Dec. 12, 2006 at 71. He had a long battle with heart disease and myeloma, a form of bone-marrow cancer. He will always be remembered for his roles in “Young Frankenstein,” “Taxi Driver,” “While You Were Sleeping” and of course, uttering the famous line “Holy crap!” on “Raymond.”

5. Actor: Brad Garrett
Character: Robert Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
Poor Robert. Brad Garrett could never catch a break as Robert Barone, and it seems like he still can’t catch a break when it comes to finding a stable role on television. In between starring in movies like “Music & Lyrics,” “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” and lending his voice to animated pictures like “Ratatouille” and “Tangled,” Garrett has struggled in the TV world. In 2006, his comedy “‘Til Death” ended after four short years, and this year, his ABC comedy “How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life,” failed after only one season. Hopefully, his next TV series is a bit more successful. Regarding his personal life, Garrett and his wife divorced in 2007.

6. Actress: Monica Horan
Character: Amy MacDougall
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
She played loveable Amy Barone nee MacDougall, and the love of Robert’s life. Speaking of romance, did you know Monica Horan is married to “Raymond” creator, Philip Rosenthal? They are still together and have two children. Horan hasn’t been spotted in too many productions, but she did appear in a 2011 “Hot in Cleveland” episode, and two recent “Enlightened” episodes.

7. Actors: Madylin, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten
Characters: Ally, Geoffrey and Michael Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond: Where Are They Now?
They played the Barone siblings on TV, and they’re siblings in real life. Madylin played Ally, while Sawyer portrayed Geoffrey and Sullivan played Michael. The twins have yet to star in anything else, but seeing as they’re only 18, they have their lives and careers ahead of them. Since exiting the comedy, Madylin has only had one small role, in “Eagle Eye.” Can you believe she is now of legal drinking age? Where does the time go?

Which Barone family member do you miss the most?


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Written by: akoerner
Jun 5th, 2013, 6:19 am

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Message Posted On Sep 6th, 2014, 9:22 am
I have just started watching Raymond and absolutly love it. I must have my daily dose of the programme so have it on my planner on series link.

Message Posted On Aug 21st, 2014, 3:41 pm
one of the best ever TV shows. I never tire of the reruns.

Message Posted On Jul 12th, 2014, 12:20 pm
Bring back this show. Marie can always get re-married since her husband Frank is gone. This was such a fantastic show. Robert can also have children in the new show and Raymond and wife can have grandkids. Miss this show sooo much. Fun and family.

Message Posted On Jul 11th, 2014, 3:09 am
I had no idea the kids were actual siblings. Well obviously the twins are.

Message Posted On May 25th, 2014, 7:26 pm
Time for "Raymond, the next Generation"!

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Message Posted On Jun 6th, 2013, 3:26 pm

I see Ally has twins of her own.

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