Showtime developing Tony Tost's 'Heartland Trucking'




Over the past decade, television has attained a level of artistic integrity and respect hitherto reserved for the silver screen. The small screen has attracted big name stars, the world's most talented directors... and now award-winning poets, as well.

Tony Tost is an American poet who wrote the collection "Invisible Bride" in 2003, a collection that won the prestigious Walt Whitman Award that year. Tost is the founding editor of the online poetry journal Fascicle... and in 2012 he began writing for television with 'Longmire.' Now, this celebrated poet is Tostdeveloping his own scripted drama series for Showtime, titled 'Heartland Trucking.'

'Heartland Trucking' is described as a scripted examination of the world of truckers in middle America and a family run business that serves those truckers as well as its own criminal agenda. Born in Missouri, raised in Washington and educated in Arkansas, Tost has his fingers on the pulse of Americana; he'll undoubtedly be bringing that sensibility to a world of trucking well-known to so many Americans, yet underrepresented in our art and entertainment.

And he'll have no shortage of real life material to draw upon. The community of American truck drivers is immense and entirely unique, unlike any other similar industry around the world. 'Heartland Trucking' could follow in the vein of a show like 'Sons of Anarchy' or it could go in the opposite direction and form a touching portrayal of unsung heroes. Regardless, with Tost at the helm, this should prove to be an interesting and unique television project.

Television 360 ('Game of Thrones') is producing the project in association with Fox 21.



Written by: bad_subject
Jun 8th, 2013, 9:26 am

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