Percy Daggs III joins 'Veronica Mars' movie

DaggsAnother 'Veronica Mars' vet has joined the fold of the upcoming Kickstarter-funded feature film.

Rob Thomas, the creator of the show and the person in charge of the movie, announced yesterday that Percy Daggs III will be reprising his role of Wallace Fennel, the best friend of Veronica (Kristen Bell). 

Daggs was a constant in the show during its 60-plus episode run on UPN/The CW, and his presence was expected in the film since it was originally announced.

"As so many of you wrote to remind me, Wallace's friendship with Veronica has always been one of the foundations of the show," said Thomas while announcing the news to the film's Kickstarter funders. "And now that he's officially signed, I can admit that there was never a version of the script that didn't include him. It just wouldn't happen."

Daggs also posted the following announcement to YouTube towards fans of the program.

Other cast members already announced as returning for the film are Bell (obviously), Jason Dohring and Enrico Colantoni.

This is going to be a fascinating case study in the viability of Kickstarter-funded feature films. This film is going to happen, but how well it does at the box office will show studios if the demand is there for television programs to have life breathed back into their lungs and a second chance granted. It also would not surprise me if a show had a movie funded on Kickstarter that did well at the box office, and led to a new run on television.

What shows would you like to see this happen to? Are there any burning questions you needed answered?

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Damn, he looks different.

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