William Shatner to appear on a live episode of 'Hot in Cleveland'




As we reported way back in 2012, the premiere of the second half of the fourth season of 'Hot in Cleveland' on June 19 will be broadcast live. Well the show just sweetened that pot: making an appearance on that very special live premiere is none other than Canadian icon William Shatner.

"At long, long last, I am working with someone older than me," said Shatner in a statement regarding the appearance. He's referring of course to comedy legend Betty White, who stars in 'Hot in Cleveland' at age ninety-one. White has been banking massive television laughs since 'Life with Elizabeth' and 'Date with the Angels' back in the 1950s. Rising to superstardom on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' in the 1970s, White hasn't taken a break since.

Shatner, aged eighty-two, is no slouch when it comes to his television resume. He became a star in the role of Captain James T. Kirk on 'Star Trek,' a character he would revisit through seven feature films. Beyond 'Star Trek,' Shatner starred in 'T.J. Hooker' for a whopping ninety episodes during the 1980s which he followed in the 1990s by creating and starring in 'TekWar.' After acclaimed recurring roles on '3rd Rock from the Sun' and 'The Practice,' David E. Kelley offered Shatner a sort of career rennaissance, casting him as second lead opposite James Spader in the critically-acclaimed 'Boston Legal.' Shatner's role as Denny Crane on 'Boston Legal' would finally earn the actor his first Emmy Award.

Since 'Boston Legal' concluded after five seasons, Shatner starred in the ill-fated '$#*! My Dad Says' and has made guest appearances on other comedies. This will be his first time appearing on 'Hot in Adam meets ShatnerCleveland' opposite White's outspoken Elka Ostrovsky.

So how will Shatner fare on live television? Just fine indeed: I was lucky enough to attend the actor's live show "Shatner's World" during his 2012 tour (proof pictured!), wherein he danced, told jokes, and offered a heartwarming look back on his life for two hours, live on stage. The man has a boundless energy despite his advanced years and I, for one, cannot wait to watch 'Hot in Cleveland' on June 19.



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Jun 8th, 2013, 11:59 am

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