Jennifer Carpenter reveals what she wants to happen on 'Dexter'

JC(This article contains spoilers from the last season of 'Dexter.)

'Dexter' returns later this month for its eighth and final season. Of all the characters on the show, none has arguably undergone such a dramatic transformation as Debra Morgan (played by Jennifer Carpenter).  From a young police officer unsure of herself to Miami Metro lieutenant, one constant throughout the series (besides Deb's terrible, terrible taste in men) is that her close relationship with her brother Dexter has always been there. Even when it went to a creepy place when Deb thought maybe they should be more than brother and sister, they have provided each other with much needed rocks of stability.

That all changes this season, as Deb had to make the difficult decision at the end of the show's seventh season to shoot either her brother or her superior officer in LaGuerta. Deb chose to save Dexter and, in clips that Showtime has already released, seems to regret that decision.

So, in Carpenter's eyes, how should Deb's story play out this season?

"I want the character to die," Carpenter said. "Every actor has to shed their character, shake the ghost off. For my own well-being, I need this story to have an ending."

While Jennifer may want it to end that way, Showtime may have some reservations. David Nevins, Showtime's president of entertainment, has talked about creating a spin-off with the character as the focal point. 

"'Dexter' is a landmark franchise for our network, and we cannot wait to unveil the conclusion of this series, as we know it, to the millions of passionate fans who have supported the show season after season," Nevins said recently when the show was announced as coming to an end after this season. "We'd like to thank Michael, Jennifer, and 'Dexter's' indomitable cast, executive producers, writers and crew for eight incredible seasons."

- Jennifer Carpenter
- Dexter

Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 9th, 2013, 1:43 pm

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