Mark Burnett confirms follow-up project to 'The Bible'

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

After the monumental success of Mark Burnett’s 10-part miniseries, ‘The Bible’, everyone has been wondering what will be coming next for the producer and his wife Roma Downey. Burnett says that he is already planning a follow-up project to the miniseries, on top of the edited version of ‘The Bible’ which has been made into a feature focusing on Jesus.

"Roma and I will do a follow-up, one hundred percent. Something big," said Burnett on Sunday at the Produced By Conference. "We've also just finished recutting the Jesus part of The Bible into a feature." The feature will weigh in at two hours and 13 minutes long, instead of the original three hours dedicated to it before. Burnett and his wife plan on distributing ‘Bible’ related projects for the next 10 years. "I believe in the next 15 years, more people on the planet will have seen our Bible series than not seen it," he said. It is a fairly lofty goal, but with ‘The Bible’ ending its television reign with 11.7 million viewers, Burnett feels he is already on his way.

Burnett is already a household name in North America. He is the producer of several popular unscripted network series, including ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Voice’, both of which dominated ‘American Idol’ in the ratings department this past season.

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Written by: harrisr
Jun 10th, 2013, 4:34 am

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