Animation artist creates proof of concept video for 'Arrested Development' fighting game


Fans of 'Arrested Development' have had an exciting year. After the show's original run ended in 2006, many thought they would never get the chance to see the insane (in a good way) Bluth family again.

Luckily, Netflix swooped in to save the day and premiered an entire fourth season, consisting of 15 episodes on May 26. While the quality of the episodes this season varied (our own Sam McPherson reviewed them all, which you can read beginning here), it was still nice to see our old friends once again. 

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz has also gone on record as saying he is open to more 'Arrested Development' and would consider a fifth season, something he is "game" for.

"I don't have a timeline yet," he said. "If there's more, I promise you we will put a date out there."

Brian K. Anderson, a die-hard fan of the series, wants to see more Bluth action. Only he prefers it in a different form.

Anderson and his friends have released a video of a "proof of concept" for an 'Arrested Development' fighting game that they call "Bluthfighter - The Arrested Development Fighting Game.' And it is awesome, filled with many references that fans of the show will get in a second. See for yourself.

Turning his favorite television shows into awesome video game recreations is nothing new for Anderson. Here is one he made turning 'Breaking Bad' into a LEGO video game.

I could absolutely see these games funded via Kickstarter and sold on Xbox Live or the PSN network for $20 or so. Would you buy either one?

- Arrested Development
- Breaking Bad

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Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit, the AD one was fantastic! Not sure how it'd translate into actual gameplay, though, but I'd definately buy it to support the makers/AD.


(Didn't watch BB, since I've yet to see more than the first season.)

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