New details emerge about 'Ravenswood'

RWABC Family will be creating a spin-off to 'Pretty Little Liars' later this year called 'Ravenswood.' The spin-off will directly spin out of the Halloween episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' and premiere soon thereafter.

All those facts have been known for some time. Marlene King, an executive producer on both series who shares oversight on each with fellow executive producer Oliver Goldstick, recently opened up a bit more about the new series and how it connects to 'Pretty Little Liars'.

'Ravenswood' will be centered on a town near 'Pretty Little Liars' setting of Rosewood, Penn., The town of Ravenswood which has been cursed for generations. Five strangers realize they are all connected by this curse, leading to them investigating the town's history and trying to save themselves. 

Tyler Blackburn will be coming over from 'Pretty Little Liars' to play Caleb Rivers on the new series. He is being joined by Bret Dier, Nicole Gale Anderson, Britne Oldford, Merritt Patterson and Elizabeth Whitson as series regulars.

RW"It's been explored on the show that he doesn't really know that much about his past and about his parents," King said about Caleb coming to the new series. "Because of the nature of what 'Ravenswood' will be, it felt like he was the best character to take us to that world and explore the mythology that we're going to explore."

She says that Ravenswood will be "tonally" different from Rosewood. Two 'Pretty Little Liars' characters will be introducing the new unique location.

"Toby (Keegan Allen) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) will take us to Ravenswood," she said. "They will follow a clue that will take them [to the new town].

"[It'll be] very different and you'll recognize how different it is right away. As soon as [Toby and Spencer] go there, they understand. Spencer in the episode calls it 'Creepytown,'" she added. "The people are different. It's a unique city, Ravenswood."

ABC Family has set up a website for the new series already here.

Are you excited for this spin-off?


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Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 10th, 2013, 10:33 am

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