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NBC reconsidering 'I Am Victor,' orders rewrite




NBC came very close to ordering their drama pilot 'I Am Victor' to series, but it missed the cut. Now, weeks later, it appears that they've reconsidered that action: Mark Goffman (who wrote the pilot) has been commissioned by NBC to perform a two-week rewrite in order to work out what the network saw to be the problems with the pilot as is. Here's hoping they do something about that title...

Starring John Stamos, a star of the small screen, many expected 'I Am Victor' to be picked up based on star-power alone. Based on Jo Nesbo's novel of same name, 'I Am Victor' centers on Victor Port (Stamos), a high-powered divorce attorney with a unique view of relationships. According to Deadline.com, the direction of the pilot focused on Port's personal relationships and less-so on his legal cases; the ordered rewrite calls for Goffman to invert that, putting more emphasis on the legal side of the story. NBC has made it clear, however, that Port's personal complications will remain a part of the show, they just shouldn't take center stage.

Apparently Stamos' performance tested very strongly with audiences, which caused the network to revisit the project; they want to be in the John Stamos business. Executive Producer Katie Jacobs departed the project as the pilot was being filmed due to a dispute over the tone of the show. It would seem that the disagreement regarding the show's tone runs deep and Goffman has two weeks to attempt to iron out the discrepancies between his view and the network's. Deadline reports that the reworked version will be lighter than the original, which was deemed by some as being too dark. There is also the possibility that two different female characters from the pilot could be melded into one single character, meaning one and maybe both actors would be off the project.

NBC is eyeing September as the time to reshoot the 'I Am Victor' pilot, which is still a better title than if they spoofed his last name and called it 'Port in a Storm.'

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Written by: bad_subject
Jun 11th, 2013, 2:04 am

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