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Good Luck Charlie


Presently amidst its fourth season, the hit Disney Channel sitcom 'Good Luck Charlie' is reaching the end of its run; Disney announced today that the series will come to a close after four seasons, one TV movie, and a hundred acclaimed episodes.

The episodes being filmed now, wrapping up the show, will air into 2014. Hitting the one hundred episode plateau will allow Disney Channel to run 'Good Luck Charlie' in reruns for years, including on their international affiliate networks. "On behalf of everyone at Disney Channel, it’s been our great pleasure to work with the extraordinary producers Phil Baker, Drew Vaupen and Dan Staley and the writers and crew of 'Good Luck Charlie,'" a Disney representative wrote in a statement.

The aim of 'Good Luck Charlie' was to create a sitcom for Disney Channel that would appeal to entire families, rather than just their children. The series revolves around the Duncan family, living in Denver, Colorado, adjusting to the additions of their fourth and fifth family members. The title of the show comes from the habit established in the pilot episode of family members recording videos for Charlie to watch when she gets older; each video ends with the family member saying "good luck, Charlie."

The 2011 TV movie 'Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas' garnered 8,300,000 viewers, thus making it the most-watched cable live-action movie of the year. Despite the fact that the series is coming to an end, that is not a sign that ratings are waning--the show is still putting up high numbers and leading certain demographics. However, Disney Channel has remained committed to ending series on a high note, as they proved with 'Hannah Montana' and 'The Wizards of Waverly Place.'

'Good Luck Charlie' will come to an end in early 2014.

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Jun 11th, 2013, 5:42 pm

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