USA's 'Summer Camp' announces campers

The USA Network has revealed the 16 campers that will be competing head-to-head in its upcoming reality competition series 'Summer Camp.' 

The guys

The campers include (the descriptions are from USA):

Brooke Magnum, “The Model” - (Age 23) – from Salt Lake City, Utah

Cameron Tylor Harper, “The Cowboy” - (Age 23) - from Florence, Kentucky

Chris Grant, “The Class Clown” - (Age 25) – from Bronx, New York

Chuck Lines, “The Sci-Fi Nerd”- (Age 25) – from Dubois, Pennsylvania

Erin Cosgrive, “The Country Girl” - (Age 24) – from Tarin Springs, Florida

Isis McKenzie, “The Pageant Queen” - (Age 33) – from Rancho Cucamonga, California

Justin Jackson, “The Hunter” - (Age 41) – from Tuskahoma, Oklahoma

Kyle Kleiboeker, “The Broadway Performer” - (Age 25) - from Prairie Village, Kansas

Lauren Von Drashek, “The Mean Girl” - (Age 23) - from Overland Park, Kansas

Meaghan Cooper, “The Flirt” - (Age 27) - from Texas

Melinda Gross, “The Geek” - (Age 26) – from Denver, Colorado

Michelle Schexnayder, “The Bayou Bodybuilder” - (Age 24) - from Lafayette, Louisiana

Mike Ward, “The Soldier” - (Age 25) - from Boise, Idaho

Mikey Benzaia, “The Smart Ass” - (Age 26) - from Middleton, New York

Moises Ramos, “The Firefighter” - (Age 26) – from Miami Gardens, Florida

Rachel Spalding, “The Yogi” - (Age 27) – from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

The ladies

It seems like USA has landed a very diverse, uniquely assembled cast. I like the variety of the cast members. Sure, a lot of them seem pigeonholed into established personality-types that we are familiar with (and have been run into the ground), but I think given the make-up of this show and what it is attempting to do this could work.

The show has already reached out to a reality veteran to host, as 'American Idol' alum Matt Rogers has signed on for that role. Rogers promises that viewers are in for a unique experience.

Rogers"It's not another Survivor, it's not another Amazing Race, it's not another Biggest Loser," said Rogers. "This is something where the viewers watching are going to wish they were at summer camp.

"These guys are superstars. America is going to love these people. You have on the guys camp, you have Cameron the cowboy, who is every cowgirl and every All-American girl's dream; then you have Moises, who looks like calendar boy firefighter; and then you have Kyle, who is over-the-top, charismatic, super funny and comes from a long line of athletes. On the girls side, you have Brooke, who is drop-dead gorgeous but intelligent and sweet; and Lauren, the All-American girl," he added.

The series launches on USA Thursday, July 11 at 8 p.m. It is scheduled to run for eight episodes.

For more detailed descriptions of the campers, please visit Zap 2 It here.

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- USA Network

Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 12th, 2013, 6:26 am

Images courtesy of USA

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