FX's 'The Bridge' reaching out to Latino audience

The Bridge

Next month, FX debuts its newest drama series, 'The Bridge.' 

The show is a crime thriller that is centered on the U.S.-Mexico border near El Paso, Texas (the show's title comes from the Bridge of the Americas border crossing between El Paso and Juarez, Mexico). Two police detectives - one American, one Mexican - team up to investigate a serial killer that is attacking victims on both sides of the border. Further complicating matters is a sense of apathy from the Mexican authorities, as well as corruption running rampant through their legal system.

FX is hoping that the program really grabs a hold of a big Latino audience. It is hyper targeting Latinos with early screenings and providing question-and-answer segments for bilingual media. In addition, a mural contest in Latino communities is going on, and FX will be rerunning the program on MundoFox dubbed in Spanish.

The efforts appear to be paying off, as FX claims that awareness is at 28 percent among Latino viewers already, while it normally averages 12 percent.

"When we watched this show, we saw the potential to do outreach with a Hispanic audience," said Sally Daws, FX marketing senior vice president. "We know that the Hispanic audience isn't a monolithic block, but we can't subtarget every single piece of that audience. We're trying to reach out to them in a way that resonates."

Helping out in this was Latino-focused marketing agency Conill, who have experience helping network program launches. Conill is also working on the upcoming George Lopez series 'Saint George'.

FX has done specialized marketing and outreach to specific segments of the population before, notably reaching out to bikers prior to the release of 'Sons of Anarchy' and horror fans with 'American Horror Story.' 

'The Bridge' is based loosely on a Danish/Swedish series of the same name. It stars Diane Kruger and Oscar-nominated Mexican actor Demian Bichir. 

The series debuts on FX July 10. Thirteen episodes have been ordered.

The Bridge

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Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 12th, 2013, 6:54 am

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