Darren Star developing comedy based on 'The Honest Toddler' twitter


Honest Toddler


Darren Star is looking to turn column advice into gold for the second time in his career.

Back in 1998, Star adapted Candace Bushnell's newspaper advice columns and created 'Sex & the StarCity,' a series that spawned several hit seasons and two big budget feature films. Now, Star is hoping to catch the same wave of success by adapting 'The Honest Todder,' a property that began as a twitter account and then became a book.

Bunmi Laditan is the author of both the twitter feed and the subsequent book, both centered on parenting advice from the perspective of a precocious toddler. Laditan will act as a producer on the comedy series being developed, along with Clark Peterson and Dennis Erdman. Star is selling the concept by describing the series as "'Modern Family' from a toddler's point of view."

After becoming frustrated while parenting her two-year-old daughter in May 2012, Laditan launched the twitter account as a way to relieve her stresses via humor. Laditan kept her identity behind the account a secret until the release of "The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting" through Simon and Shuster’s Scribner imprint last month.

A sample tweet from Laditan's popular account reads: "Tonight’s bedtime story was about three pigs struggling with repeat home invasions. Thanks for the new fear."

What do you think of yet another twitter account being developed into television?


- Darren Star

Written by: bad_subject
Jun 12th, 2013, 8:15 am

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