Tina Majorino latest cast member returning for 'Veronica Mars' film

MajorinoIt would appear that Rob Thomas, the creator of 'Veronica Mars,' is a man of his word.

Over the weekend, it was revealed that Francis Capra was returning for the fan-funded 'Veronica Mars' feature film (via Kickstarter). At that time, Thomas said that more cast announcements were expected this week.

So it comes as no surprise that yesterday Thomas emailed contributors to the Kickstarter campaign and told them that Tina Majorino was the latest returnee. Majorino will once again be playing Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, a computer whiz who is tight with Veronica (series star Kristen Bell). Mac appeared in 33 episodes during the show's three seasons. 

The character was recurring for the first two seasons, but got bumped to a series regular in its final season.

"I really wanted Tina in Veronica Mars," Thomas said. "To say I wrote Mac with Tina in mind would be an understatement. I wrote Mac for Tina, and Tina only. Veronica needed a female friend, and a Q to her Bond. Tina felt like just the sort of girl that Veronica would like and respect. I couldn't be more pleased that she'll be with us for the movie."

Unlike the other announcements so far, there was no video from Majorino released talking about returning to the role.

MajorinoOther recent cast members announced as coming back include Percy Daggs III and Chris Lowell. They will join Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring and Bell as familiar faces that are back in the fold.

In addition to 'Veronica Mars,' Majorino can be seen on 'Grey's Anatomy' and has appeared in the feature films "Corrina, Corrina," "Waterworld," " When a Man Loves a Woman" and "Napoleon Dynamite."

Are you happy to see Majorino return to the cast? Are there any cast members not announced as returning yet that you see as crucial to the film's plot?


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Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 13th, 2013, 7:19 am

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