Lawsuit filed against Discovery over fatal disaster



A wrongful-death lawsuit has been filed against Discovery Communications (who oversee the Discovery Channel) after a woman was killed last June during filming.

The family of Terry Flanell has filed the lawsuit after she was killed during a device malfunction. The event occurred when Discovery was filming the opening credits for a new series called 'Brothers in Arms.' The credits were to include five people walking through a cloud of smoke with their weapons drawn. To create the smoke effect, two pyrotechnical devices were prepared. One of them malfunctioned and shot towards the people, hitting Flanell and killing her.

The smoke bomb-turned-rocket was traveling at 150 miles per hour when it struck Flanell. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was among those called in to investigate the invent, as were Colorado police and federal investigators.

'Brothers in Arms,' which has since been scrapped, was to look at military vehicles from the First World War. It was filming at a shooting range in Colorado called Dragonman's that was owned by Flanell and her husband, Melvin Bernstein.

Bernstein, who says the explosive missed him by inches, is blaming Discovery and Anthropic Productions for not using a licensed manufacturer of pyrotechnic devices, not securing the proper permits from authorities and not having qualified professionals on hand to handle the stunt.

"At the time Terry Flanell was killed, Discovery violated § 12-28-102(5), C.R.S (2012), which provides in pertinent part that it shall be unlawful for any person to possess or discharge any fireworks, except permissible fireworks, anywhere in the State of Colorado," the lawsuit reads.

This is the second wrongful-death lawsuit brought against Discovery in the last year. Just two weeks ago, the family of a cameraman killed in a helicopter crash brought them to court.

- Discovery Channel

Written by: Hamatosan
Jun 15th, 2013, 2:37 am

Images courtesy of Discovery Channel

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