Garret Dillahunt returning to 'Burn Notice'


Garret Dillahunt


Yesterday, USA Network aired the one-hundredth episode of their mega-hit series 'Burn Notice, having kicked off its seventh and final season last week. Today, Entertainment Weekly is exclusively reporting that Garret Dillahunt, who plays Simon Escher on the spy series, will be returning for at least one episode of the jam-packed shortened season seven. 

'Burn Notice' is an action drama about an intelligence operative (played by Jeffrey Donovan) who was framed as a rogue agent and has since been 'burned;' this means that he has been discredited and dismissed as an agent, liable to be eliminated as a liability. As Simon Escher, Dillahunt plays a key role in the plotline of 'Burn Notice;' Escher is a psychotic rogue operative who was responsible for committing the crimes Michael (Donovan) was burned for. This means that Michael has been on the run for years whereas the antagonist Escher has lived in the clear. Seeing as how the series is coming Burn Noticeto an end, there is going to have to be a final confrontation between our hero and his psychotic frame-artist counterpart. 

Dillahunt currently stars as Burt Chance on FOX's hit sitcom 'Raising Hope.' He has previously earned critical acclaim for his roles on HBO's 'Deadwood' (yes, I pluralized 'roles:' Dillahunt played two different key characters over the span of 'Deadwood's three seasons). He also appeared in the feature films 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Looper.' 

Dillahunt's Escher character hasn't appeared in 'Burn Notice' since an episode back in season four. This news means that business is about to pick up for Michael Westen & company! 

Tune in to 'Burn Notice' Fridays on USA Network. 

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Jun 15th, 2013, 9:57 am

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Awesome News. He made both an excellent villian and burned spy. While I'm sad to see Burn Notice going, I'm also extremely glad to see that this final season is being done right. Hate to see it go, but atleast USA and the team are giving this classic show a true send off, in the manner it deserves.


Message Posted On Jun 15th, 2013, 10:08 am
awesome news. They should do a great job of wrapping that up before they end.
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