Dan Harmon slams 'Community' fourth season quality

It had to happen sooner or later. With Dan Harmon locked in and ready to return to NBC's "Community" for its upcoming fifth season, many have been wondering what his thoughts were on the Harmon-less season four.

Dan Harmon

Up until recently, Harmon has kept things relatively civil and understated regarding the show's uneven fourth season, either pleading ignorance by claiming he hadn't seen the episodes or keeping quiet altogether. However, in the latest edition of his 'Harmontown' podcast, the showrunner sounded off. "I think I feel pretty comfortable in expressing that [season four] wasn't my cup of tea," he said.

He noted the complaint many fans of the series touched on -- that the season felt like new showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio were attempting to imitate Harmon's style, but lack the finesse. "It's not somebody doing what they do. It's very much like an impression [of my work] - an unflattering one," he explained. "Watching those characters without me there was not f**king cool, man. It’s like flipping through Instagrams... watching your girlfriend just blow a million people."

He noted that the blame for the quality of season four should not rest squarely on Guarascio and Port, adding: "They didn't know what they were getting themselves into. They tried their best."

Regardless of the harsh words and analogies, it's hard to argue Harmon's point. The entire season felt like an echo of the previous three, with all of the inside references but only a fraction of the humor.

What do you think about Harmon's comments?

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I wouldn't have put it as harshly as he did, but it's his creation, so he's entitled to say what he wants. I didn't think season four was outright awful myself. There was definitely something missing though, and that something was clearly Harmon's guiding hand.


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