BBC greenlights parenting drama series 'In The Club'

The BBC is tapping the natural drama that comes with the addition of a new family member.


The network has given the greenlight to a new six episode series entitled "In The Club," which centers on pregnancy, imminent birth and the change that a new baby brings to a couple's relationship.

Created by Kay Mellor ("The Syndicate"), the series revolves around six different couples who find a common bond at their local Parent Craft class during the final trimester of their pregnancies. Each couple brings with them their own expectant parent malady, from swollen feet and chronic gas to debt and even death.

Polly Hill, the BBC’s Head of Independent Drama, said: "I am thrilled to be bringing Kay's new drama series to BBC One. Like [Mellor's previous series] 'The Syndicate,' Kay captures the extraordinary drama that can happen in ordinary life, and she has you laugh and cry with them along the way. I’m sure In the Club will be a real treat for our BBC One audience, when it airs next year."

The series will feature couples from all walks of life, including a same-sex couple and a teenage parent-to-be, something which Mellor has plenty of personal experience with. "Having given birth as a teenager I know how life changing it is. Birth is the ultimate creation; it changes you and your relationships forever. I’m still close friends with the people I met at my antenatal class. It’s a special time in your life, a time when you need people that understand what you’re going through and a close bond can be formed that can result in a lifelong friendship," said Mellor. "I'm delighted to be writing for BBC One again. Both Ben Stephenson and Polly Hill instinctively understand my work. They encourage and trust me to deliver; as a dramatist you couldn’t ask for anything more and for that I’m eternally grateful."

- Kay Mellor
- The Syndicate (UK)
- BBC one

Written by: kyleiam
Jun 18th, 2013, 7:48 am

Images courtesy of BBC One

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