FOX Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary Later This Month

Married With Children original cast

If it seems to you like only yesterday that a young upstart TV network named after a furry woodland animal burst onto the scene with a decidedly different alternative to the "big three" established channels... then you're definitely a lot older than me. All kidding aside, the little network that everybody thought wouldn't last a year slowly but surely grew from it's humble origins to currently being neck and neck with CBS in the battle for #1.

Debuting in 1987, FOX's first (and for a few years only) hit show was a revolutionary sitcom known as Married With Children. Revolving around the sometimes fun, but mostly terrible lives of the Bundy clan, the show was rude, crass, vulgar, and was the exact antidote to the other Cosby Show style family comedies that permeated the airwaves back then. Then, in 1989 the network hit gold for a second time. Matt Groening's crudely drawn animated shorts about The Simpsons had gone from a short segment on the Tracy Ullman Show to a full blown half-hour primetime series. Which of course was and is so successful that it's still on the air nearly 25 years later.

Speaking of 25 years, on Sunday April 22nd, FOX will be celebrating it's silver anniversary in style. First, at 7pm the original pilot episode of Married With Children will be re-aired in it's entirety. Then, at 7:30 the record-breaking 500th episode of The Simpsons will receive an encore presentation. To top things off, from 8-10pm FOX will air a two-hour special commemorating the occasion and looking back on how they got to where they are today. The special will also feature stars of shows' past, including the casts of the aforementioned series. The only thing that would make it more complete to me would be if we got an X-Files re-run too, but oh well.

Will you be tuning in to watch the 25th anniversary festivities? Or do you think FOX should be airing a eulogy for all the great shows it's canceled too soon instead?

- The Simpsons
- Married ... with Children

Written by: msd85
Apr 11th, 2012, 10:40 pm

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